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Final Curtain

Written by on December 28, 2022

Story by Chuck Tackett

Final Curtain

This article is dedicated to Sandy Hendricks. Sandy was my best female friend of over 46 years. A few months ago, she passed away from a brief illness. Sandy was my biggest cheerleader. RIP my friend. You are sorely missed.

Simultaneously as this is my last Chuck’s Chat for 2022, it will be my final article as well.

First of all, many thanks go out to KC Exposures magazine co-owners Angelo Restivo & Mel McMurty who believed in my vision and wanted me to write for their magazine. I am eternally grateful to my friend Dan Bugbee who always took time when he could out of his schedule as an aspiring published author to proofread my articles when he could. Much gratitude goes out to Kaci Jacobs, owner of the web portal for asking me to bring Chuck’s Chat to the 21st Century by making it a national/international blog for the past 8 years. Because of her, I had a regular readership all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, England, India, and Australia.

Some of my biggest thrills during my time writing were being honored by Kansas City LGBTQ Black Pride as a Kansas City Black Legend along with 2 others, along with the support of the Kansas City Latino LGBTQ community and the Kansas City Drag King community. I was deeply moved by the continuous support of accomplished published author Shannon Blake best known for his books, “Telephone Man” and “Dirt Wars.” As I have said many times during my 26 years of writing Chuck’s Chat, I am not a professional or trained writer. I wrote what was in my heart.

When I was asked if I wanted to start writing a column, I wanted to be a different kind of Gay writer than what I read in different LGBTQ publications at the time. I wanted to address the good, the bad, and the ugly. Regardless of what some people want to believe, not everything is roses, daffodils, and lollipops. I wanted to share the knowledge I acquired in the 1980s as Executive Vice President of my union local, and the knowledge I acquired as President of the board of directors of 90.1 FM KKFI, Kansas City’s listener-supported community radio station back in the 1990s/ From both of those experiences, I learned that politics affect every aspect of our lives whether we like it or not and that for decades Republikkans have been using Texas as an experiment to change USA history being taught in school to exclude the accomplishments Since we all did not pay attention or take them seriously, in 2022 they are now trying to exclude the accomplishments of Latino, Asian, LGBTQs Americans along with other marginalized groups they look down on.

Much acknowledgment and gratitude must go to those of you in the mainstream Kansas City LGBTQ community who have stuck by my side and supported me when I would bring up controversial issues in my articles.

When Chuck’s Chat became a blog in 2014, I was excited. Those of you who know me are cognizant that music/dancing/movies are my stress relievers and forms of escapism. I became aware that with a blog, I could use music videos to stress the point I was trying to make in my articles. I could use music videos of socially conscious songs that were popular when my generation, Baby Boomers & Generation X were young. I wanted to remind those generations that we were not that much different than the Millennials and Gen. Z of today. I hoped I was able to accomplish that.

What surprised me was the support I received from Millennials and Gen Z. I thought they would be turned off by some of the things I said; or the music I used to try to make my point. Many thanks, and a shout-out to you all

Recognize, I am not tired of writing Chuck’s Chat at all. But after 26 years I figured it was time for a fresh voice of a Millennial/Gen Z to inspire others to become more socially conscious and inspire their generation to continue the never-ending fight for justice and democracy. I would hate that apathy and complacency would cause the United States to become a dictatorship. I will always continue to speak out against injustices. That will never change.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported my column Chuck’s Chat for the past 26 years, whether you are a seasoned reader or a new one. Always recognize I appreciate it very much. 


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