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Stop Disrespecting Legacy Folks Like Raymond Burr

Written by on September 21, 2022

Story by Chuck Tackett

Stop Disrespecting Legacy Folks Like Raymond Burr

   “Sometimes I want to leave right now. Sometimes I want to cry out loud. I want to let it all hang out, but I don’t want to let you down. Sometimes I just want to lay here. Sometimes I just want to disappear. I want to show you all my fear, but I don’t want to let you down.” – “Be Myself Again” by Donna Summer

Last week on September 13th, it has been 29 years since actor Raymond Burr passed away.

I first became acquainted with Mr. Burr in the mid-1960s as an adolescent watching two horror movies he had made in the 1950s. It was on a weekly TV show called “Chiller.” This TV program would showcase different horror movies made in previous decades. It was because of “Chiller” I saw Mr. Burr’s early work. The two movies were “Gorilla At Large” and “Godzilla, King of The Monster.” In the “Godzilla” movie, Mr. Burr played an American newspaper reporter Steve Martin who comes to Japan to investigate some strange phenomena happening on an island off the coast of that country. This movie introduced Godzilla to the world, and as you can say the rest is history.It was the fact of I was such a horror movie nerd is why I was drawn to the TV shows 

“Perry Mason” and “Ironside.” Raymond Burr starred in them.

Recently I became aware of one of the LGBTQ Facebook groups I belong to that folks were still upset that Raymond Burr never came out.

Talk like that in my opinion is ignorant and disingenuous. If you are a young LGBTQ, I suggest you read the book “Full Service” by the late Scotty Bowers, or if you do not like to read, then watch the documentary about the Secret Sex Life of Hollywood based on his book on one of the streaming services. I would love to see how you all would survive in that era where being LGBTQ was illegal. You could lose your job for being LGBTQ. The undercover LGBTQ bars were constantly raided by police (Stonewall) and the majority of the public saw us as sexual deviants. It is easy for you all to judge and criticize Mr. Burr on what he did or didn’t do. What purpose is that serving? Is it to see how many “likes” you can accumulate on social media? You all need to be more concerned about what’s happening in 2022 and beyond. If you don’t vote, remain complacent or put some skin in the game, GOPs will be more than happy to return to those regressive days. The GOPs have shown they could care less what the majority of the USA wants. All they want is to become more powerful by any means necessary if that means throwing you

and others they define as undesirable, which is perfectly okay with them and millions of their followers. How brave will you all be if they pass laws to reflect their disdain and you lose your job & home for being your authentic selves?

Baby Boomer/Gen X LGBTQs, who are talking that yang belittling Mr. Burr for remaining private about his sexuality and not coming out. Plenty of you has bowed down to unaccepting societal pressures. You knew if Mr. Burr came out, he would lose everything more than likely. Some of you were not willing to do that, why are you criticizing a man who has been dead for 29 years of it? I don’t see the point. Mr. Burr remained in the closet, he did not act like Lindsey Graham or Log Cabin Republicans. He remained closeted and private which is his prerogative.

All of you and younger LGBTQs need to be more concerned about what is happening in 2022 and beyond.

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