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Proudly Damaged by “Sonic Spectrum” with Host Robert Moore!

Written by on August 24, 2022

Story by Chuck Tackett

Proudly Damaged by “Sonic Spectrum” with Host Robert Moore!

This article is dedicated to my very good friend Robert Moore. Robert is the host of the radio show “Sonic Spectrum” on 90.9FM “The Bridge” here in Kansas City, Missouri. “Sonic Spectrum” is on Saturday evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm CST. 90.9FM “The Bridge” is Kansas City’s listener-supported non-commercial NPR member music station. If you do not happen to live in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, you can still listen to his show live by googling 90.9fm The Bridge, and pressing “Listen Live.”

If you are a regular reader of my Chuck’s Chat articles or a friend/buddy of mine, you are cognizant that music/dancing/movies/theatre are my forms of escapism. That is a major reason why the Fine Arts are very important to me. But, the Fine Arts are more than just for escaping, they offer a unique way of addressing injustices in society as well.

I started to do some serious reflecting about my generation (Baby Boomers) last week during the anniversary of Woodstock. I was not old enough to go to Woodstock back in 1969, but even if I was, I would not have wanted to go. I would have wanted to go to the Harlem Cultural Festival (aka) “Black Woodstock” that was held at the very same time. I don’t do well camping out, especially in the rain and mud, plus the music would have bored the hell out of me despite my eclectic tastes.

Last week while I was doing my dance aerobic/ Xbike workouts, I had “Alexa” shuffling 60’s music. I especially listened to the socially conscious songs. As a whole, I am extremely disappointed in my generation. Some of them have become the very monsters we protested against in our youth. I do realize that there are Baby Boomers like me who have never forgotten our hopes and dreams to make the world a better place. I do not know about their experiences I can only address mine. 

For the most part, I am not one to just follow the crowd. I never had children. I enjoy being single and free. I am not lonely, just alone. It amuses me when people try to force their lifestyle on me, and when I refuse, I am either immature, commitment-phobic, or something is seriously wrong with me. Hmmm, sounds like grooming to me. There are some rules I do not have to follow. While lots of people were going crazy, being stuck at home during the pandemic, for introverts like me, the situation was heaven.

I am perfectly content, choosing when I want to go out and deal with people. It is quite enough that I deal with the racism, LGBTQ hatred, and bigotry on social media and regressive policies Baby Boomer/Gen X politicians want to push while watching REAL news. When I tire of watching television, I look forward to most Saturday evenings, when I can sit back and enjoy listening to my friend Robert Moore and his radio show. It is my treat for the week.

As several of you know, earlier this year I lost my best friend of over 46 years, – Sandy Hendricks. Sandy used to listen to my radio music show “ChuxMix.” She was always in awe of how much music I knew. When I last talked to her before she passed, I told her about the radio show, “Sonic Spectrum.” Sandy had grown tired of watching television. I bragged to her about how knowledgeable and eclectic Robert was when it came to music. I let her know he knew way more than me, and I was sure she would enjoy “Sonic Spectrum” as much as I do. She told me she would give him a try and listen to his show live online. I so much wanted to put a smile on her face. Unfortunately soon after, Sandy became more ill and passed away. I hoped she was able to listen to Robert. Our mutual love of music was just one of the common denominators in our friendship.

When it comes to “Sonic Spectrum”, Rober plays different genres of music from different decades. Just last week for example he played a song from 1935. I used to say that I think lots of modern music these days suck. While I do not like every single song Robert plays, I am a lyric freak. The lyrics of some of the songs he does play cause me to like the song.

“Sonic Spectrum” has opened up a whole new world for me. Last week I was exercising to some music I had learned from Robert. It wasn’t the usual funk, new wave I usually exercise with. I was in a wild mood It was songs I had learned from listening to “Sonic Spectrum.” My brother was looking at me, and I replied. “Proudly damaged by Robert Moore.” As one lady had put it last week at my hair salon, “You are not a typical fuddy-duddy 66-year-old.

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  1. Thomas Alonzo   On   August 26, 2022 at 12:03 pm

    I used to listen to Sonic Spectrum religiously when it was on 96.5 and then it disappeared. I will definitely tune into the Bridge. Thanx for the info!

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