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Regressives: YOUR Philadelphia Freedom / We The People Doesn’t Mean Jack Squat 

Written by on June 30, 2022

Story by Chuck Tackett

Regressives: YOUR Philadelphia Freedom / We The People Doesn’t Mean Jack Squat 

“Don’t it always go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?” – Joni Mitchell (Big Yellow Taxi)

“Walking on thin ice. I’m paying the price, for throwing the dice in the air. Why must learn the hard way?” – Yoko Ono (Walking On Thin Ice)

On June 24, late in the morning after I prepared my breakfast, I sat down to watch a little MSNBC News. It is part of my customary routine before I start my daytime workout on my Xbike and dance aerobics. When I saw all these folks protesting, I looked at the bottom of my TV screen In bold white letters on a bright red background. The caption read “Supreme Court Overturns Roe v Wade.”

As most of my friends and Chuck’s Chatreaders know, I love music. Music is my go-to when I am happy, sad, or angry. The very first thought playing in my head was Cypress Hill’s “When The Shit Goes Down.” 

My thoughts turned to my niece, my great-niece, the other female members of my family, and my female friends. I will be making phone calls to my national Kansas senators, Roger Marshall and Jerry Moran. 

Now I am spilling tea. Senator Marshall touts being the only OB-GYN in the Senate. According to the HuffPost in a June 19 article written by Jennifer Bendery, marshall was pushing misinformation (lying-my words) about the abortion pill Her source for this was Senator Tina Smith, a Democrat from Minnesota. According to Ms. Bendery, Senator Smith stated in a Committee meeting concerning a bill regarding FDA user fees, Senator Marshall was trying to amend the bill to require women to see a doctor and get an ultrasound before being allowed to use the abortion pill. Senator Smith told him it was unnecessary. 

Senator Smith expressed this to Senator Marshall. “This amendment would force women who are seeking a medication abortion to be diagnosed in person and only after this unnecessary procedure. To be clear, these kinds of transvaginal ultrasounds do not have a medical purpose within 10 weeks of pregnancy, which is the time frame for when women can access a medication abortion.” 

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) responded to HuffPost’s request for comments regarding Senator Marshall’s amendment.

ACOG Spokes woman Karen Connorsresponded. “ACOG does not support this statement. Medication abortion is safe and effective, and evidence shows it can be provided safely.& effectively through telehealth, let alone without an ultrasound.” For the complete article, you can go to HuffPost’s website, the political section for June 19, 2022. The story is by Ms. Jennifer Bendry.

The HuffPost asked for a response from Kansas Senator Marshall regarding Senator Tina Smith’s and the ACOG statement. A Marshall spokesperson provided a lengthy email statement about Senator Marshall being a proud OB-GYN.

In the email statement, Senator Marshall said “I will always be an OB-GYN first. When I see political agendas that harm patients, I must speak up.”

Well NOW that we know the Supreme Court because of YOUR Regressive ilk has overturned Roe v Wade, as MSNBC’s News Anchor Tiffany Cross might say, ” Well playboy, now we will see how you will stand up for your patients.”

LGBTQs: Don’t forget Justice “Sambo” Thomas has sent a wink-wink to his fellow Regressive sheep about going after marriage equality and re-criminalizing sodomy laws making it illegal for consensual same-sex adult intimacy that was decriminalized in 2003. Notice how Justice “Sambo” Thomas has been pretty much quiet until the BI-PARTISAN January 6th Committee wants to question his wife’s Ginny’s role regarding the January 6 Domestic Terrorists attack.

The hits keep coming. It is Sunday evening June 26. I thought I was getting to the end of this article to send it to for publishing on June 30th or July 1. 

Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme suggesting the overturn of Roe v Wade was a direct result of President Obama’s poking fun at his father during the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. As you all may recall, Trump accused President Obama of not being an American citizen. Trump Jr. posted a “domino effect” meme with the caption “Fuck Around And Find Out.” 

When Barack Obama was elected and re-elected as President, several times in my Chuck’s Chat articles, I stated that GOPs would get even for our American populace doing that. Having a Black person as President was not supposed to ever happen. Now because Joe Biden is President, we have a Female Black Asian as Vice President and a Black woman who will soon have a seat on the Supreme Court. Another historical first. Some of you claimed I was being an alarmist. Well, this Chicken Little is not sorry to keep telling you all the sky is falling quickly. As I said before, I tried to tell you. I am not right all the time, but I am not wrong all the time.

Regressives better get it through their thick-ass, racist, bigoted, misogynistic skulls that the USA is not a personal haven for just Conservative Wealthy, White Heterosexual, Cisgender Males. Diversity is here to stay whether you all like it or not.

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