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Regressives: We Will Defend Our Drag Community

Written by on June 15, 2022

Story by Chuck Tackett

Regressives: We Will Defend Our Drag Community

 Some of my readerships are more than just those in the LGBTQ populace, so I always strive to ensure my non-LGBTQ readers understand what I am talking about.

It is pretty much known what a drag queen is. they have become pretty much mainstream in today’s pop culture. In my opinion, unfortunately, I do not think our drag kings enjoy that same luxury.

There are also drag kings in our LGBTQ culture as well. According to Wikipedia, a drag king is mostly a female performance artist who dresses in masculine attire and personifies the male gender stereotype as an individual or group routine. Heterosexuals have been known to perform in drag as well. Here in Kansas City, Missouri our legendary longtime drag king is the wonderful Buttweiser.

Regressives once again are using our drag community to facilitate red meat issues for their bigoted/racist faux religious base.

Last week I was out and about with my brother John running errands. In route, we were listening to the Michaelangelo Signorile show on Sirius XM. The conversation switched to reporting that Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis stated he could use Child Protective Services to investigate parents taking their children to LGBTQ bars to see drag queen shows. DeSantis claims it is child endangerment.

I thought to myself, here we go again, recalling the fake ass outrage and mayhem of parents taking their children to libraries for drag queen storybook hour.

DeSantis was referring to an event in North Dallas, Texas called “Drag the Kids To Pride.” The event is a child-friendly drag show held during LGBTQ Pride Month (June). Critics claimed it was sexualizing kids, children stuffing tip money down performers’ crotches, and grooming them into the LGBTQ community. I have been to numerous grown folks’ drag shows. I and other folks ALWAYS gave tip money to the drag kings and drag queens’ hands. They are not strippers. Just because it is an LGBTQ event, MAGA mother fuckers always assume it is something sexual.

DeSantis was just trying to one-up on Texas Gov. Abbot who’s also rumored to be running for the GOP candidate against President Biden in 2024. As always, the LGBTQ community is used as red meat cannon fodder. 

For now, Regressives just have a hard-on for drag queens. But don’t get it twisted. If they get into power, they will come after our drag kings as well. They are not safe either. LGBTQ history has shown that.

For years, I have said it is a mistake not to utilize our hard-working drag kings as well, as our drag queens. They need to be front and center in pop culture as well. They deserve the same respect as our drag queens.

In April 2016, I wrote a Chuck’s Chat article titled “Hail to Our Drag Kings !!!” I was inspired because I felt drag kings were not getting the same level of respect and support as our drag queens. From what I understand, not much has changed. 

February 2009 is when “RuPaul’s Drag Race” premiered. It has been 13 years. There has not been one drag king competing if my memory serves me correctly. C’mon RuPaul, your show is not Drag Queen Race. We need to show REAL pride and REAL respect to those marginalized groups within our LGBTQ community.

I do have one question. WHERE IN THE HELL ARE YOU LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS? Your silence on your ilk’s attack on us is deafening. You all creep me the hell out.

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