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Introducing Helado Negro

Written by on December 16, 2021

Story by Chuck Tackett

Introducing Helado Negro

 Season Greetings to you all!!!

Every Saturday evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm CST, my good friend Robert Moore is a deejay at 90.9FM KTBG “The Bridge” here in Kansas City, Missouri. He bestows upon his listeners and me the gift of music on his radio show “Sonic Spectrum.” 

As one deejay on 90.9FM “The Bridge” puts it, “We play the music you know, the music you don’t know and music you should know.” Robert follows that slogan perfectly. Listening to his radio show, one musical artist I didn’t know and glad he made me aware of is Helado Negro.

Born Roberto Carlos Lange, Negro has been interpreted as being “genre-defying.” In my opinion, I find that very refreshing. All I know is when I feel like chilling and relaxing, Helado Negro’s voice and music are on top of my list.

Doing some research on Mr. Negro, since I have never heard of him, it seems he is most popular on public radio stations and not commercial radio stations. That is perfectly fine with me. It is one of the things I find refreshing about him. He is not like the boring cookie-cutter musical artist following a particular formula to be popular on commercial radio stations.

Watching some of Mr. Negro’s music videos, I thought singer Peter Gabriel must have had a huge influence on him. Some of his videos were animated like Mr. Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” “Big Time” and “Digging In The Dirt,” for example. I was wrong.

If you watch some of his videos, you will find animation, special effects with sound including his singing voice. I found that growing up as a teenager in the 1990s, Mr. Negro would stay up late at night watching the animated series, “Liquid Television,” which was popular on MTV at that time. Mr. Negro was influenced by the experimental videos and animated series showcased. In 1999, Mr. Negro enrolled at The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. He studied Computer Arts and Sound Design. So that is where Helado Negro got those influences from.

Recently Mr. Negro announced that in 2022, he will be going on a worldwide tour to promote his latest album “Far In.” The closest to Kansas City he will be performing at will be in Chicago, Illinois on May 9th at Thaila Hall. 

Many thanks to 90.9FM “The Bridge” and my friend Robert Moore, deejay of the show, “Sonic Spectrum,” for getting me acquainted with this exciting musical artist. Listening to different shows on 90.9FM including “Sonic Spectrum,” you all have given me hope to have music of today become exciting for me again. The ones that get little or no airplay on commercial radio. Thanks so very much. You all are truly Kansas City’s alternative to commercial radio. If you do not live in Kansas City, you still can enjoy “Sonic Spectrum” and other shows on 90.9FM “The Bridge” live by googling 90.9FM The Bridge.


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