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LGBTQs, Non-Whites, Progressive Whites, etc… The Writing Is On The Wall

Written by on December 2, 2021

Story by Chuck Tackett

LGBTQs, Non-Whites, Progressive Whites, etc… The Writing Is On The Wall


-“One of the scariest things about the USA is that there are millions of people who are more scared of socialism than the idea of a dictatorship.”


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This year, my column Chuck’s Chat is celebrating its 25th anniversary in existence. I appreciate your continued support, and I want to thank you very much. It means the world to me.

To my critics who have tried to quiet me, you’ve failed. You tried to label me as a racist or a very unhappy person, you accused me of hating ALL White people merely for committing the mortal sin of saying that racism is alive and well in the USA. Also, for spilling the tea of addressing the racism that exists in the LGBTQ community. As Madonna sang, “And I’m not sorry. It’s human nature. I’m not your bitch, don’t hang your shit on me.”

When I started to write more serious articles in the late 1990s, I tried to inform how politics affect EVERY aspect of our lives, whether we like it, or not. I learned this when I was Executive Vice President of my local union: The Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 6321, back in the 1980s.

Regardless of what some of you think, I have NEVER claimed to be a trained/professional journalist. I write from the heart. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am not right all the time, BUT I am not wrong all the time either. Now for the past couple of years, including 2021, you cannot say that politics did not affect one way or another. If you claim it hasn’t you are living a lie.

While we are talking about present times, we, as marginalized folks, need to face some real possibilities if Fascist GOPs regain power in city, state, midterm & Presidential elections in 2022 and 2024.

LGBTQs: With the Rittenhouse verdict, it opened the floodgates for bigots to claim they are being threatened by us, trying to justify perpetuating violence toward us. Make no mistake. Our very existence threatens bigots. If GOPs regain power in 2022/2024, marriage equality will be on the chopping block. There’s a possibility that if we merely gather together for PRIDE festivals, bars, etc… religious bigots will claim we are threatening them and try to justify violence or make political efforts to shut down our bars or other LGBTQ-owned establishments. The writing is on the wall.

Non-Whites: Racists are working overtime to make us 2nd class citizens. Voter suppression, banning and burning books, or anything that they deem puts White people in a negative light, they want to get rid of, or rewrite it. Back in the 1990s, when I was Board President of 90.1FM KKFI, we showcased nationally based special programming that came on cassette tapes. If my memory serves me correctly, one of the shows was called “Making Contact.” I remember 3 shows on “Making Contact” that stuck with me through the years. One was regarding the privatization of water, The 2nd one implored that Blacks and Latinos (This was in the 1990s) get together for stronger political power, and the 3rd one was regarding Texas making efforts to change history books to hide the true history of the USA, so White kids would be protected. Now that in present times, these things are quickly coming to fruition. In 2021, it is not just Blacks and Latinos that should come together but it should also include Native Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders, LGBTQs, and Progressive White people.

Non-Christian Religious minorities and Atheists: The writing is on the wall for you as well. Recently, Mike Flynn, Trump’s Senior Advisor made the asinine remark that the USA should be under one religion. Wake up!!! If we allow these Fascist GOPs to regain power, religious freedom will become a thing of the past.

Progressive-minded Whites: There is a term that Fascist GOPS are floating around regarding you since the Rittenhouse verdict came down; “Race Traitors”. This is what White Supremacists GOPs are calling you. The writing is on the wall. Racist Fascist GOPs are implying that Whites who support Black Lives Matter and other groups that empower marginalized people are being treasonous to White people. They do not want the USA to be that shining beacon for us. They want the USA as the group Tears For Fears put it as a “Pale Shelter” for us. They believe that we do not deserve to be full and equal citizens They want the USA to be a haven for Whites only. LGBTQs, along with people in mixed marriages or romantic relationships where one partner is White you will be defined as race traitors. Remember at one time those marriages or romantic relationships were once illegal. It took politics to change that.

I hope this gives you all food for thought. Racist/Fascist GOPs have used politics to empower their jacked-up views. Progressives, we must work as hard as GOPs to be involved in politics for our own empowerment. The USA is not for Whites only. I guess a former 90.1FM KKFI deejay was absolutely correct in the 1990s when he said over the air, “Racism is what is going to destroy the USA.”

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