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Just Like Your Entitled, Lying, Murderous, Thieving, Wicked-Ass Ancestors

Written by on August 12, 2021

Story by Chuck Tackett

Just Like Your Entitled, Lying, Murderous, Thieving, Wicked-Ass Ancestors

” I have heard people say, ‘This is not who we are,’ but right now, this is precisely who we are. Thanks to an outdated and inherently biased political structure, exemplified by the undemocratic electoral college, which has repeatedly put the losing Republican candidate in office, and a divided Senate in which one ‘half’ of the membership represents 41 million fewer citizens than the other, we are a nation in which a virulent minority has an outsized voice and the majority – underrepresented and forced into a bystander role suffers mightily in silence. We are going to be dealing with the consequences of the Trump administration, the pandemic, and particularly the insurrection of January 6th, for a very, very long time, just as we are going to be confronting the fact that over 74 million people wanted four more years of whatever they thought they got in the last four.”

Mary L. Trump
Psychologist, author & niece of Donald Trump
excerpt from her newest book titled “The Reckoning.”


Since 2017, my mind consistently harkens back to what my mother and my great grandmother (Nana) told me as a young man.

They both told me that there will be people I encounter that if they can’t rule, they will ruin.

My mom’s/great grandmother’s life mantra became very tangible for me in my 30’s/40’s with self-proclaimed Progressive organizations I was involved with. Then it evolved on steroids when Barack Obama was elected/re-elected President in my 50’s. Millions of people lost their minds. Not because he wasn’t qualified, but only because he was Black. A Black man winning the highest office in the land was not supposed to happen.

Now that I am in my 60’s, a highly unqualified piece of trash succeeded President Obama. For millions of rednecks, his inadequacy was a badge of honor that supposedly made America great again.

Psychologist Mary L. Trump says this about her abominable uncle. “Donald is an insensitive fascist who is limited by his inability to see beyond himself. Or as the historian Timothy Snyder put it. ‘His vision never went further than a mirror.’ Still arguing about whether or not to call Donald a fascist is the new version of the media’s yearlong struggle to figure out if they should call his lies, lies. What’s more relevant now is whether the media and the Democrats will extend the label of fascism to the Republican Party itself.”

She returned to her uncle and responded further. “A real leader would have said ‘I don’t care about politics or my reelection. My mission is to do everything in my power to save lives. But Donald and his henchmen couldn’t even see their way clear to getting help to states that didn’t kiss Donald’s ass sufficiently.”

Mary L. Trump also declared this about the USA, ” The United States engages in its own form of toxic positivity – a series of deep denials that perpetuates our two-tiered system, maintains double standards, and keep our wounds from healing. This recurring urge to move on, this impatience with doing the hard work of atonement, of accountability of tearing down the structures of oppression and rebuilding new ones that work for everybody traps us in the same cycle of privilege and denial of privilege that keeps us separate, hostile, and suspicious.”

We all, not just some, have our work cut out for us, if the USA is to be that shining city on a hill whose beacon lights guide freedom-loving people everywhere as President Reagan once said.

People of color and other marginalized groups, along with enlightened Whites, have had enough of these fascist-loving MAGAs and domestic terrorists who claim to be true patriots.

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