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Written by on July 16, 2021


Story by Chuck Tackett


Back in 1996, “The Current News” magazine owner/editor-in-chief J.D. O’Neill contacted me. He informed me he had listened to my overnight talk/music radio show called “Exodus” on 90.1FM KKFI. The late Mr. O’Neill asked me if I would write a column for his LGBTQ bar magazine ” that was located next door to Missie B’s at that particular time.

At first, I was reluctant because I had no training or education to be a journalist. O’Neill told me that it didn’t matter.

In the beginning, I wrote fun, silly articles. After a while, I wanted to write more articles on serious subjects. There was a problem. I figured if O’Neill listened to my radio show like he claimed to have, he was aware I would be wanting to write articles on serious issues.

Later on, in that same year, there was a rift between Kansas City, Missouri street musicians performing on the Westport/Plaza entertainment districts and some of the owners of businesses located there. I interviewed one of the street musicians. He claimed the police were bullying them and that Emanuel Cleaver, who was Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, was not taking them seriously.

If my memory serves me correctly, some of the Business owners at those two entertainment districts thought the street musicians were a nuisance. One of those musicians (I can’ recall his name) came on my show a couple of times, giving updates on their problem.

O’Neill wasn’t interested in me doing an article on this. So I wrote the piece for Angelo Restivo, one of the co-owners of KC Exposures magazine, The Current News competitor, who was more than happy to have it. Thus Chuck’s Chat was born, and the rest you can say was history.

Angelo gave me the freedom to write both fun and serious articles. I wanted to share the knowledge I acquired as a Local Union officer in the 1980s and as President of 90.1FM KKFI. I also wanted to share with my readership the knowledge I had learned regarding the history of marginalized people mostly left out in mainstream history books. While I have young LGBTQ readerships, I knew my demographic would mostly be Baby Boomer/Generation X LGBTQs.

Through the years, I have stressed to my LGBTQ readership the importance of being involved in politics because whether you like it or not, politics affect every aspect of our lives. I addressed tough controversial issues like racism within the LGBTQ community with no apology.

It became really evident with some of the snide remarks I would hear from some White LGBTQs when Barack Obama was first elected as President. I just figured they were nothing but creepy-ass Log Cabin Republicans.

It became worse when the Black Lives Matter movement came on the scene. Many Black LGBTQs were involved with the movement. Some White LGBTQs had a problem with Black people marching and protesting on the streets. I kept reminding some of these White LGBTQs that every June during LGBTQ Pride Month and Festival, they are celebrating a riot, so why can’t Black people march and protest police brutality. Again I reminded them of how LGBTQs suffered from police brutality and politics. Also, some of the White LGBTQs complained that there was no need for Black and Latino LGBTQ celebrations. I told them that Black and Latino LGBTQs did not need their permission to celebrate our culture and address issues that mainstream LGBTQ Pride doesn’t deal with.

There were complaints that I was an unhappy person or I was a racist, which was laughable. I just thought these White LGBTQs were either Log Cabin Republicans or on some hardcore wacky-tack.

History is always told/taught through the view of the oppressor. Marginalized people like folks of color, LGBTQs, etc., are hardly mentioned in mainstream history books like The Black Wall-Streeter Massacre or The Red Summer of 1919. History always repeats itself in one way or another. Just know I tried to tell you all in past Chuck’s Chat articles, but some of you refused to listen or pay attention. Now you see that GOPS are openly trying to take away marginalized peoples’ rights through politics. Maybe some of you older LGBTQs who complained about my articles will listen now.

I have been told that it is petty to say, “I told you so.” I don’t understand why. Well, if I sound petty by saying, “I tried to tell ya,” then petty I am, with no apology. Now let’s all work harder in preventing White Supremacist Republicans from stripping marginalized folks of their civil rights.

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