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The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Written by on November 4, 2020

Story by Chuck Tackett

The Haunting Of Bly Manor

“Dead doesn’t necessarily mean gone.”

Flora Wingrave

The Haunting of Bly Manor

A couple of weeks ago, on Saturday, October 23rd, I was in the mood for some comedy relief, so I tuned in to watch “Saturday Night Live.” At the time, I had no idea who the guest host was. When it was announced that it would be a British singer, Adele, I thought, “This ought to be interesting. I never recalled her acting in anything. I was pleasantly surprised at how well she did

In one of the skits, Pete Davidson’s slacker persona, “Chad,” was driving at night, and his car broke down near this dark and foreboding mansion. For those of you who are not familiar with his persona “Chad,” he is this slacker who is extremely nonchalant regarding different situations he finds himself in. He usually will respond with just one word: “Okay.”

During this particular skit, “Chad” enters the mansion seeking help. He encounters a female ghost whose eyes is replaced with glowing lights. I thought this was odd, not seeing a ghost-like this before, I knew SNL does parodies of what is currently popular in culture, so I wondered what inspired this skit.

A few days later, while I was “program surfing” on my Netflix, I remembered a couple of my buddies telling me to check out the mini-series, “The Haunting of Bly Manor.” As I started watching it, a scene came up where this ghost had his eyes replaced with lights, and then I realized this series was where that SNL skit case from.

If you have not seen “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” it is the tale of an American governess seeking a new life. She moves to Britain and shortly is hired by this wealthy businessman to be an au pair for his recently orphaned niece and nephew at the mansion they reside in. While she is there, she begins to realize that the joint is haunted. The series is based on the 1898 novella, “The Turn of the Screw.”

While 1981’s “Ghost Story” is still my favorite ghost movie, I still thoroughly enjoyed this Netflix ghost series.

While watching this Netflix miniseries, the tragic lovers faintly reminding me of George and Marion Kirby, the ghost couple in the 1937 movie, “Topper,” played by actor Cary Grant, and actress Constance Bennett. Even though “Topper” is a comedy, the doomed lovers of “The Haunting of Bly Manor” jogged my memory of them. The tragic lovers of the Netflix series were Peter Quint, played by actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Rebecca Jessel, played by actress Tahirah Sharif.

As always, I try to be careful not to reveal too much, to spoil it for you, but give you just enough to spur your interest.

If some of the performers in “The Haunting of Bly Manor look familiar, some of them starred in “The Haunting of Hill House.” The creative team of that Netflix series is the same that produced “The Haunting of Bly Manor.” This is the second entry of “The Haunting” series anthology, even though the two films are in no way connected. I am anxious to see what the next entry will hold.

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