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“Confess”: LGBTQ+ Heavy Metal Singer Rob Halford’s Memoir

Written by on October 7, 2020

Story by Chuck Tackett

“Confess”: LGBTQ+ Heavy Metal Singer Rob Halford’s Memoir

” I think that every Gay person has a bigger story to tell than just ‘Hello, I am out. It’s me.’ Many, many issues, and self-searching, tormenting, thought processes go through your brain. It’s a rough thing to do, even in today’s world. You would think it would be easy, but not for some people. I truly tried to emphasize the difficulty that I went through in being able to come to that point at the MTV studios, and just come out in person in a very dominant way.”

Rob Halford, Lead vocalist, Judas Priest

“Judas Priest

If you are a Baby Boomer, the name of LGBTQ+ icon Rob Halford may be familiar to you. I, myself, don’t know much about Mr. Halford. I am not much of a fan of his genre of music, heavy metal. I didn’t pay much attention to the now 69-year-old performer. I do remember around 1990, Mr. Halford and his band “Judas Priest” were sued by the parents of two teenage boys, who, in the mid-1980s, spent one-day drinking, smoking pot, and listening to a “Judas Priest” album. For some strange reason, the two youngsters had shotguns and shot themselves. One died instantly, and the other one died from his wounds 3 years later.

The parents of the teenagers accused the band “Judas Priest” and lead singer Rob Halford, as well as their record label of secret, hidden, subliminal messages in their cover of the song, “Better by You Better Than Me,” by the rock group “Spooky Tooth.”. Being egged on by Right-wing Christian groups, the parents accused Halford of brainwashing these two teenagers, singing subliminal messages that caused them to commit suicide. Rob testified in court that what they heard was him exhaling while he was singing. Halford and his band were found innocent.

The only other thing I remember Mr. Halford for was when he came out as gay in a 1998 MTV interview.

Fast forward to the present times. Rob Halford is now adding author to his talents, beside musician and singer. His book “Confess” is ready for purchase. Even though I am not a fan of him or his music, I would be curious about his stories and wild adventures regarding a long career. He will also relay his thoughts about coming out, and other non-musical issues he had to deal with. Rob has given some teasers. The one that cracked me up the most was even though, in 1998, he came out as gay; he tried to come out in a slick way through his 1970s era song “Raw Deal.” I laughed when he professed only one of his fans realized what the song was about. 

From what I gather, Mr. Holford is still the only openly gay singer in the heavy metal genre.

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