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Written by on October 1, 2020

Story by Chuck Tackett


 “Yes, I am my brother’s keeper, to the extent that my brother wants to be kept.”

Michael Steele

Former GOP National Chairman

MSNBC News Commentator

With the 2020 national elections a little over 30 days away, I thought these words of wisdom from two reasonable Republicans should be heard and considered. Michael Steele is the former National GOP Chairman, who is now an MSNBC commentator. Steve Schmidt was the campaign manager for Senator John McCain, when Mr. McCain was the Republican candidate, running against the Democrat’s candidate, Senator Barack Obama, back in 2007. It is my understanding that Mr. Schmidt has now resigned from the GOP, and presently defines himself as an Independent. He is both an MSNBC commentator, and co-founder of the famous “The Lincoln Project” Both men vehemently oppose Trump and elected GOP officials who kiss his ass. I have not heard if Mr. Steele defines himself as a Republican or not.

Michael Steele

Recently, Michael Steele appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut”. His remarks to Joy Reid impressed me, and I wanted to share it with you all. Mr. Steele commented. “It is incumbent on us to take care of our own. We need to be vigilant and diligent in that regard. Yes, I am my brother’s keeper, to the extent that my brother wants to be kept. So I try my best every day. We have put the warnings out. We have scientists, doctors, immunologists. We had podiatrists, we had anyone who is remotely connected to science spell it out for us. This is the reality. You know he (Trump) is not a real President. A real President wouldn’t do this. A real President would care a little more about his people. He wouldn’t break us up to the Blue States and the Red States. He wouldn’t sit there and say if it wasn’t for these people no one would get sick. That would be if George Bush said if we weren’t from New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC, no one would have died on 9-11 so, understand what we’re talking about here folks, recognize you have to get into this responsibility a little bit more. You just can’t hang back. That’s the thing for me. I am at a peaceful place, Joy, because I know what I am up against. I know what this is. I am not trying to figure it out anymore. We know what this is. The only thing we have left is to vote, and that’s the final statement by the American people about what they see this democracy being, and what it will be in the future.”

Steve Schmidt

On the same show, but on a different night, Steve Schmidt gave his thoughts regarding Trump, mostly on how Trump is handling the pandemic that he created in this country and needs to take ownership of.” Mr. Schmidt stated, “First of all, if the United States had the mortality rate from COVID that Germany does, there would be 140,000 less dead Americans, 140,000 of our countrymen and women would still be with us.

“Second, after he (Trump) removed the China travel ban, 47,000 Chinese nationals entered the country. The virus primarily entered our country primarily through Europe. He acted much too slowly, shutting down the border from the United States, the border with the United States from Europe.

“But let’s understand what this is. Donald Trump has confessed on tape to the greatest, and deadliest, lies in all the long history of the United States, bar none. He is a failure of leadership at a profound level. He is a failure of moral leadership that is unequal in the country’s history. He knew how deadly this was. Every U.S. Senator in the GOP, who heard Trump week by week, day by day, saying that this virus was a hoax, a Democratic hoax, that it would magically go away, not one of those people took to the floor of the Senate and said, ‘What in the hell are you doing?’ Not one of them went to the Oval Office and said, ‘Stop it Mr. President! You are killing people.’

“We have a President that is fundamentally indifferent to the lives of the American people. This is the greatest tragedy in the history of the United States, for no other reason, it was a completely preventable tragedy. It did not have to be like this.

“The United States did not have to be the epicenter of Coronavirus death and suffering in the world. Our country did not have to be shattered. The education of every American kid did not have to be disrupted. We could have and still have a national strategy, but not unless Donald Trump is removed from power in the election of the American people, to pick a new President. Trump has demonstrated a total incapacity to deal with this situation. His failure in this crisis, this pandemic, ranks wearily as the deadliest, the greatest by any American in the entire history of this country, who’s been charged with responsibility for other peoples’ lives.”

Joy Reid

Huge thanks to Ms. Joy Reid for having these two people appear on her show. Mr. Steele and Mr. Schmidt made it quite crystal clear on the mayhem this inexperienced, lying-ass, greedy, power-hungry, narcissistic, racist, bigoted, demon has caused. His enablers and cult members have the same qualities as him. If you are still claiming you are undecided, you are a liar, and you are too cowardly to say you support Trump. If you do, you only support Trump because you hate the same marginalized groups he does. If you belong to a marginalized group and support Trump, then you are a self-loathing fool, and cult member, like your White brethren. Case closed.

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