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Anders als die Andern (Different From The Others) 1919

Written by on September 3, 2020

Story by Chuck Tackett

Anders als die Andern  (Different From The Others) 1919

I came upon this bit of info accidentally, while researching the remake of the 1970 LGBTQ classic movie, “The Boys In The Band” that Netflix is releasing on September 30, 2020.

The German silent film “Different From The Others” is considered to be the world’s 1st LGBTQ supportive movie. It was released in 1919 and banned in 1920.

The storyline of this movie was co-written by screenwriter Richard Oswald and LGBTQ activist Magnus Hirschfeld.

Mr. Hirschfeld was a German physician and sexologist. Dr. Hirschfeld was an outspoken advocate for sexual minorities including Homosexuals and Transgender people. He changed the way Germans thought regarding sexuality. Magnus also had a small acting role in “Different From The Others.”

“Different From The Others” is about a successful violinist named Paul Korner who falls in love with one of his male students: Kurt Sievers. The feeling became mutual even though both men are on the down-low.

The parents of both men become very suspicious of the increased attention the two men are giving each other. They become very concerned about the fact that Paul and Kurt show no interest in finding a wife and starting a family. 

Without giving too much away, the film deals with living your life authentically while having to put up with nosey ass people who refuse to mind their own business and the consequences their actions cause.

During the period when this film was made, Germany enjoyed a very strong Progressive movement where taboo subjects were addressed in films, books, and magazines.

Unfortunately, when Hitler and the Nazis were rising to power, many of these books, movies, and magazines were burned by the Nazis

Thanks to the bravery of Magnus Hirschfeld, he was able to save one copy of his 1919 movie. Fortunately, he escaped from Germany after being beaten several times by the Nazis for being both Jewish and Gay. He was able to smuggle an extremely damaged copy of this film.

The Outcast Legacy for years has raised funds to restore Hirschfeld’s movie. My understanding is so far they have been able to restore about 50 minutes of the movie. You can see this film in the video section of my article. I sure hope you enjoy watching this piece of LGBTQ movie history. Thanks again Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld for your courageous actions.

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Anders als die Andern / Different from the Others (1919)Internet Archive Video.

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