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Nobody Knows I’m Here

Written by on July 9, 2020

Story by Chuck Tackett

Nobody Knows I’m Here 

“A lot of people are walking around in adult bodies and still wounded children on the inside.”

#letgo #forgive #moveforward

Facebook post created by my cousin Traci Vincent

A couple of weeks ago, you may have recalled an article I wrote regarding R&B/Disco singer Cheryl Lynn.

In that piece, I addressed the fact that music videos did kill the radio star as the Buggles sang in that well-known hit song that was the first video MTV played in its inception. None of us knew how prophetic that song would turn out to be.

If you are a Baby Boomer or a Generation X person, you may recall the incident between singer Martha Wash and the groups “Black Box” and “C&C Music Factory” regarding her voice being utilized, but not her physical persona. Management decision-makers felt Ms. Wash was not physically appealing to be in their music videos.

In my opinion, MTV, and other similar music video channels, turned popular music to part-time talent, and part-time magic when it came to the singers.

With that said, late last month, Netflix premiered an original 2020 movie from the country of Chile, a first. The name of the film is called “Nobody Knows I’m Here.”

The main character of the movie is Memo Garrido played by Omaha, Nebraska native Jorge Garcia.

For those of you, like me, who are not real familiar with Mr. Garcia, he is best known as Hugo “Hurley” Reeves in the television series “Lost” from 2004 to 2010, and in the TV reboot of the 1960s era TV show “Hawaii Five-0” portraying the character Jerry Ortega. Both TV shows I have not seen, so the Netflix original movie from Chile was my first time becoming acquainted with his acting.

“Nobody Knows I’m Here” is described as Memo (Garcia) lives on a remote island near the small town of Llanquihue in southern Chile on a sheep farm with his Uncle. While Memo is a recluse living a peaceful life, no one except his Uncle knows he is tormented. Memo is tortured by memories as a child. The viewing audience knows this because, throughout the movie, 2 to 3 flashback vignettes are flashed sporadically. That is why my cousin Traci Vincent’s Facebook post held a special meaning to me, because of the movie. If you do see the movie, you will know her post spoke volumes.

Because of his lack of communication, Memo draws the attention of a woman named Marta, whose family does business with Memo’s Uncle Braulio. Marta and Memo become friends when she ends up uncovering the secret that has tortured him since childhood. Those mini-flashbacks that appeared sporadically throughout the movie will start to make sense to the viewer.

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