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Some Celebrities We Lost In 2019.

Written by on January 1, 2020

Story by Chuck Tackett

Some Celebrities We Lost In 2019.

If you are a regular reader of my weekly articles, then you are aware that my 1st Chuck’s Chat of the new year, I always pay homage/acknowledge some of the celebrities/famous people we lost in the previous year. This article is due on December 28th so it can meet deadlines to get published. Any folks I might miss after December 27th, then you should understand.


10th. Kevin Fret – a famous Puerto Rican rapper who was openly gay. He was murdered.

21st. Kaye Ballard – a famous actress/comic during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

21st. Maxine Brown – a famous country music star.

29th. James Ingram – a famous 1980s era R&B singer.


3rd. Kristoff St. John – a famous soap opera actor most famous for his role on The Young & The Restless. He played Neil Witherson.

7th. Rep. John Dingell – Longest-serving Congressman in history.

7th. Albert Finney – famous long-time Hollywood actor from England.

10th. Jan Michael Vincent – Famous 1960s/70s actor/sex symbol

19th. Karl Lagerfeld – a famous fashion designer

20th. Beverly Owen – a famous actress mostly known as playing Marilyn Munster in the hit 1960s era TV show, “The Munsters.”

21st. Peter Tork – a famous musician/actor who was a member of the 1960s era rock band “The Monkees.”

23rd Katherine Helmond – famous actress most known for her role as Jessica Tate in the 1980s TV show “Soap.”

25th. Mark Hollis – lead singer of the 1980s era New Wave group “Talk Talk.”

27th. Nathaniel Taylor – famous actor who starred in “Sandford & Son” and “Grady.”

28th. Andre Previn – a famous conductor/composer


4th. Keith Flint – musician/founding member of the musical group “Prodigy.”

4th. Luke Perry – Actor most famous for playing Dylan McKay in the 1990s era TV show “Beverly Hills 90210.”

31st. Nipsey Hussle – famous rapper/community activist


6th. Jim Glasser – a famous country music singer.

10th. Earl Conley – a famous country music singer/composer.

12th Georgia Engel – a famous actress who starred in the TV series “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

22nd. – Dave Sammuel – Musician associated with the Jazz group “Spyro Gyra.”

28th. John Singleton – a famous film director most known for “Boys In The Hood.”

30th. Boone Gould – CoFounder of the music group “Level 42.”

30th. Peter Mayhew – the actor who played the role of Chewbacca of “Star Wars.”


11th. Peggy Lipton – actress most known for starring in the 1960s era TV show “The Mod Squad.” She was married to famous music producer Quincy Jones and is the mother of actress Rashida Jones.

13th. Doris Day – The famous actress/singer of the 1950s/60s era. Good friends with actor Rock Hudson who passed away from AIDS in the 1980s.

14th. Tim Conway – Famous actor/comic known for starring in “McHale’s Navy” and being a regular on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

30th. Leon Redbone – a famous musician/singer.


6th. Dr. John – a famous 1970s era singer known for his signature voice.  

9th. Bushwick Bill – a famous Jamaican American rapper

17th. Gloria Vanderbilt – a famous fashion designer and mother to LGBTQ icon Anderson Cooper who is a news anchor for CNN.

21st. Judith Krantz – A famous romance novelist

24th. Billy Drago – a famous actor.


2nd. Lee Iacocca – The famous automobile executive

3rd. Arte Johnson – The famous comic most known for starring in the 1960s era variety TV show “Laugh-In.”

6th. Cameron Boyce – famous young entertainer.

9th. Ross Perot – Famous 1990’s era billionaire who ran for President.

9th. Rip Torn – a famous American actor

14th. Pernell Whitaker – a famous pro boxer hit by a car trying to cross the street.

18th. David Edison – 1960s era actor most noted for starring in the TV show “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.”

19th. Rutger Hauer – a famous American actor.

22nd. Art Neville – The famous New Orleans based musician. Brother to Aaron Neville.

29th. Ras G. – A famous deejay/ record producer.


1st. Harley Race – A famous pro wrestler based in Kansas City active during the 1960s – 90s.

1st. Ian Gibbons – A famous musician who was a member of the rock group “The Kinks.”

5th. Toni Morrison – The famous novelist who was the first American Black woman to win a Nobel Prize in 2010. She wrote “Beloved” a ghost story dealing with slavery. The movie adaption starred Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey, and Thandie Newton.

16th. Peter Fonda – The famous actor whose father is Henry Fonda and whose sister is actress/activist Jane Fonda. He starred in the 1960s era movie “Easy Rider.”

20th. Valerie Harper – The actress who starred on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” and its spinoff “Rhoda.”


15th. Rick Ocasek – Lead singer of the 1980s era music group “The Cars.”

21st. Shuping Wang – Chinese doctor who exposed the Chinese HIV crisis.

 23rd. Robert Hunter – A member of the famous rock group “The Grateful Dead.”

28th: Jose Jose – famous Mexican actor/singer.


4th. Diahann Carroll – Famous actress/singer who starred in the 1960s groundbreaking TV show “Julia.” and gained a new generation of fans in the 1980s as Dominique Devereaux and as Whitley’s mom in the 1990s on the TV series “A Different World” along with actress/dancer Jasmine Guy and singer/actress Patti Labelle.

6th. Ginger Baker – a member of the 1960s era band “Cream.”

6th Rip Taylor – famous comic/actor.

17th. Rep. Elijah Cummings The famous Congressman and legendary Civil Rights activist who stood side by side by MLKJr. and beaten on “Bloody Sunday” on the Edmund Pettis Bridge.


2nd. Walter Mercado – The famous Latino astrologer.

23rd. Barbara Hillary – The first Black woman to reach the North Pole.


1st. Shelly Morrison – The famous actress best known as Karen’s sassy ass outspoken maid Ms. Salazar in the TV series “Will & Grace.”

8th. Juice Wrld. – Rapper

9th Marie Fredriksson – Female member of the Swedish singing duo “Roxette.”

12th. Danny Aiello – the popular actor who starred in “Moonstruck” with Cher and Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.” He also played Madonna’s father in the music video “Papa Don’t Preach.”

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