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Why Can’t We Live Together? Manifest Destiny

Written by on December 19, 2019

Story by Chuck Tackett

Why Can’t We Live Together? Manifest Destiny

My definition of Manifest Destiny is the 19th-century doctrine held in the United States that it was destined by God that murderous, thieving White invaders were justified in stealing land they coveted, regardless if it belonged to people who didn’t look like them.

Down through the centuries, the White settlers were too lazy to till the soil and build upon the land. They murdered the indigenous people already here to near extinction since, for the most part, they refused to be slaves. Since these Europeans invaders saw themselves as mentally superior and civilized, they decided to go to Africa and enslave them to do their dirty work, and the rest, you can say, is history.

The invaders’ plan of stealing land and enslavement wasn’t well thought out. Africans in America started to multiply and revolted because of the inhumane treatment from these thieving, murderous, “Christian” European thugs. The Africans in America had no financial means to return to Africa, so we had to stay here. The indigenous peoples already here that they had impoverished were going nowhere. The United States of America became multi-racial because of their mayhem and foolishness.

Fast forward to modern times. Some of the descendants of the murderous thieves have the same jacked-up mindset of their predecessors about White supremacy and manifest destiny. They are in the millions. Thankfully there are millions upon millions of Whites that do not have that mindset of entitlement and superiority. They want to live in a multi-racial country and believe in equality and justice for all.

I will be 64 years old later this month. For decades, marginalized people of color, LGBTQs, religious minorities, and Progressive minded Whites have begged for there to be love, unity, and peace. Much to our chagrin, our pleading for these racists and bigots to do right has fallen on deaf ears. These descendants of the thieving, murderous, White invaders had no intention of wanting to get along. All our pleading and begging was just a game to them. They laughed at us behind our backs, as we tried to find new and inventive ways to help them understand everyone is equal and deserves to be treated humanely, and with respect. I am done wasting my time dealing with your evil. If you want to be ruled by a White dictator, go to Russia and be with your hero Vlad.

It has become crystal clear that millions of Whites are fearful of becoming a minority in the United States. Why is that? Why should you be afraid of becoming a minority? It’s not like minorities are treated fairly in this country. Are you frightened that we are going to treat you with the same disdain you have treated us with for centuries? Are you fearful that the chickens will be coming home to roost? Evil will always get its comeuppance.

There are millions of us of all colors, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs, who believe in humanity. We know we are far from perfect, but despite that, we strive to want to work together. The possibilities are endless One people. One planet. Imagine.

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