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Let It Go? Hell To The No

Written by on November 28, 2019

Story by Chuck Tackett

Let It Go? Hell To The No.

“Don’t start no shit, it won’t be no shit.”

Dam – YounBloodZ (feat. Lil Jon, Pitbull)

By the time you all read this article, we will be at the genesis of the 2019 Holiday season. The United States of America is a racially diverse nation with different nationalities. With those diversities in race and nationalities, a plethora of religious and secular beliefs exist as well, much to the dismay of certain factions in our country. My question to them is what happened to freedom of religion? What happened to free will?

The month of December is extremely special because it is crowded with numerous secular and religious holidays, festivals, and celebrations, more than any other time of the year.

Unfortunately, there are those who try to dampen this time of the year by being Bible and political bullies to family and friends. Instead of these gatherings bringing joy, as you would see in a Norman Rockwell art piece, these bullies love to bring the mayhem and foolishness. Some of these bullies try to be slick with their shade, while some put it out there in full force to your face with no regrets or apologies. Their intention is to destroy you or own you with embarrassment if you can’t properly answer their questions or statements. It is the ultimate gotcha moment. This is especially hurtful if you or other family members present are of another race, culture, LCBTQ+, etc…

The way I handle this time of the year to prevent being down in the dumps is that I only pay attention to my, and my friends’ birthdays, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve/Day. When someone comes up to me and wishes me, for example, a Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukah, I just thank them and wish them the same. There is no reason for there to be any friction. If there is, it’s because of the other party. Don’t start any shit, it won’t be any shit.

Activist and comic Bill Maher, in one of his recent “New Rules” on his popular HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” was advising his live and TV audience on dealing with family and friends in the upcoming holiday season who like Trump. Mr. Maher was criticizing it wasn’t enough to disagree, but that we have to own or destroy the other side. He further revealed that we cannot change their minds. They are just looney tunes. (Those are my words, not his.) He further commented, “just let it go.”

Being a non-religious Black Gay man, I sat in my chair feeling very disappointed. Mr. Maher is a very wealthy White man. He does not have Republicans trying to suppress his vote and his other civil rights. While he is correct in not letting ass-holes ruin your holiday celebrations, those same ass wipes are working overtime to pass legislation in making folks like me second class citizens. Marginalized people do not have that luxury. Maher could just dismiss those people. We can’t.

One thing I try my best to put into practice is not to feel that Trumplicans are stupid or idiots. THEY ARE EVIL. Plain and simple, White superiority and supremacy are all that matters to them. Even with the real threat of climate change looming, they refuse to put their mayhem and foolishness aside. They consider marginalized folks the real threat and blame us for everything wrong in their lives.

There are folks who hate us so bad, they want to murder us for just existing. We just can’t let it go. We have to be loud, proud, and political. Don’t start any shit, there will be no shit.

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