The Trump administration’s move to allow medical practitioners to refuse to provide services based on their religious objections, of course, has consequences for LGBTQ people, cis women’s reproductive health, and potentially even cis straight men, but those consequences increase to incalculable levels once you move away from urban areas. As it already stands, residents in […]

Story by Chuck Tackett INTRODUCING TRANSGENDER ACTIVIST CECILIA CHUNG ” First and foremost, I am identifying with the immigrant community, the Asian community, and also the Transgender community, being a Transgender woman myself. In some ways, I think I also relate to the bigger LGBTQ community, because I lived for many years as a Gay […]

Story by: Chuck Tackett JACKIE SHANE: UNSUNG TRANSGENDER PIONEER “Tell her that I’m happy. Tell her that I’m Gay.” Jackie Shane 1950s-60’s singer “Any Other Way” 1962 song The following article is a perfect example of why I began my weekly Chuck’ss Chat features 23 years ago. I realized I was not very learned when […]


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