Written by on December 13, 2018

Story by: Chuck Tackett

“I never give them hell. I tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”
President Harry S. Truman

Love, Peace, and Unity. For decades, members of my generation (Baby Boomers) entombed these and other similar words in our brains and hearts when we were young. When we were old enough to be in charge or “the man”, we just knew we would not be imprisoned by the same societal trappings that seemed to rule almost every decision our parents and other members of the (Silent Generation) made. But when some members of the Baby Boomers became adults, some of us resorted to those same societal trappings of greed, of racism, of environmental abuse. We even passed those poisons to our children known as Generation X. Some Baby Boomers and Generation X has even turned worse. You are quite aware of the damage and debt that your children and grandchildren (Millenials and Generation Z) are inheriting. Multitudes of Baby Boomers and Generation X could care less. For them, it seems that it’s all about the money and the continuation of the poisons of Supremacy and Superiority.

Some of you White Conservative Baby Boomers and Generation X thought you were slick, but multitudes of Progressive – minded Baby Boomers and Generation X saw right through you. We knew you held your noses when you voted for Barack Obama. We knew some of you would try to pass the scenario that racism has finally ended in the United States because a Black man was elected President. What you didn’t expect was for President Barak Obama to be such a great President and to be so loved that he was re-elected despite all your lame ass trickery and lies to make him one term.

So multitudes of Conservative Baby Boomers and Generation X resorted to misogyny fearful of the loss of Conservative White male rule. You willfully elected an unqualified moron who showed you exactly who and what he was. As long as “The Serpent” you elected was turning the clock back on progress and strides people of color and other marginalized groups were achieving, you held your nose while “The Thing” residing in The White House made us a laughing stock in the world. Aging Baby Boomers and Generation X, you really have outdone the Silent Generation. Millennials and Generation Z: meet the new boss the same as the old boss.

Multitudes of Progressive minded Baby Boomers, Generation X folks and courageous Millennials and Generation Z are finding their voices and power at the ballot box. They are running for political office at the local, state and federal levels. They are winning elections and in January will be taking office. Members of Congress and Senators in Washington DC are beginning to really reflect the real face of this country. The demographics of the good ole boys’ club is slowly becoming obsolete. Conservatives want to cry foul that Progressive – minded people are fighting back. Now, they want to cry for unity and civility. Not so fast, trick.

Some people of color and other marginalized groups are tired of compromising being on a one-way street. We are tired of begging for acceptance and to be treated as equals. We are entitled to our civil rights. It is not yours to give or take away. We are tired of being treated as objects of fear.

Trump loving Conservatives, you showed us exactly who you truly are. If there is going to be civility and unity, then it will start with your hate filled asses.

Whether you want to accept it or not, America is turning away from being a melting pot to a stir-fry vegetable dish. Different vegetables of different colors, different tastes working together to make one delicious dish. We will make sure America will truly live up to its creed that all men are created equal. Trump loving Conservatives, your ideology of if you can’t rule you’ll ruin is coming to its demise. Evil like yours will always get its comeuppance.

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