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Story by: Chuck Tackett


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.”

Upton Sinclair

American writer

Before I begin this article, I want to give a huge shout-out and dedicate it to my friend, Robert Moore of Kansas City’s 96.5 FM The Buzz. Robert is the host of the radio show “Sonic Spectrum,” which is on air every Saturday night from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm CST. He gave me the inspiration to write this article when he played a song from Siouxsie & The Banshees titled, “Cities in the Dust.” Thank you so much, Robert, for this inspiration, and keep on playing those wonderful songs. Here is this week’s Chuck’s Chat.

True to form from the conniving quagmire that is “The Thing,” that Pence and their administration are, a long-awaited report on the effects of climate change was released on, of all days, November 23rd, 2018, which was Black Friday. These climate change demons wanted to bury the report, so that was the reason to release it that day.

For my readership who lives outside the United States, “Black Friday” is the day after “Thanksgiving,” which is traditionally known as the first official day of the Christmas shopping season. Retailers nationwide offer special discounts on items they sell, and they extend store hours to seduce Christmas shoppers to go out and spend money at their businesses. Millions of people are out shopping, and are not focusing on, or paying attention to the news. What a perfect day to release information that “The Thing” presently occupying the White House was trying to hide. “Black Friday” is also known as one of the slowest news days of the year.

Just over a little more than a month ago, a United Nations Committee report found we basically have about 12 years left to ward off climate change worst impact.

The report that “The Serpent” occupying the White House was trying to bury is the fact scientists are more certain than ever that climate change is already affecting the United States and it is going to get worse. Scientists predict there will be more severe deadly wildfires, heat waves, droughts, and hurricanes, which will kill thousands, and pose a serious threat to millions of Americans’ health, infrastructure, and natural resources.

Why should we expect “The Serpent” to be concerned? He promised to protect Americans from domestic and foreign enemies. As a matter of fact, “The Thing” swore on 2 bibles on his Inauguration Day to do just that. His mother’s and the one owned by President Abraham Lincoln in 1861. Only one other President has done that and that was his predecessor President Barack Obama.

For the past 2 years, “The Thing” has shown us that swearing on the Bible was just a facade, window dressing. He sides with Domestic terrorists: White Supremacists, enemies of our country, and throws major shade at our historical allies.

Climate change should never be a partisan issue, but because of unbridled greed and power that the Republican politicians and their millionaire/billionaire friends, it is. American writer Upton Sinclair described these monsters before they even existed like the quote from him I printed at the top of this article. The reason is extremely simple why Conservatives refuse to believe in climate change when they are not scientists and not qualified to dispute them. Hell, Republicans are the first to say, “Well I am not a scientist…” Well, shut the hell up then, trick.

One thing that should frighten the crap out of all of us, is that scientists are frightened as the Earth’s climate gets warmer, our soil that has been frozen for thousands of years is thawing out. Ancient viruses and bacteria from prehistoric times are thawing out as well, which have been dormant in ice for thousands of years. Ones which we probably have not met before.

The 1953 horror movie classic, “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” fiddled with this scenario. Because of atomic bomb blast experiments in the Arctic, a prehistoric creature was thawed out. The Beast, by instinct, decided to head back to his original home which now was the metropolis of New York City. While the military was shooting the monster protecting the New York City populace, the blood from its wounds was on the streets. As soldiers were walking by it, they were fainting and some dying. The doctors were horrified that the creature bought with it some prehistoric virus.

The 2004 disaster movie, “The Day After Tomorrow” angered a lot of Republicans at that time. One scenario in particular. The scene was as relevant back then as it is today. Truth-telling is timeless. The scene was when arrogant entitled American aliens were forcing their way into Mexico, to escape being slaughtered by the extremely dangerous prehistoric type of ice storm and blizzards that engulfed North America, including the United States. Mexico would only let these migrants in if American leaders would forgive money they loaned to Mexico.

From these two examples about abusing our environment and repercussions, Conservatives always had a beef with Hollywood actors. Republicans, climate change is very real and it is very irresponsible for “The Serpent” his merry band of enablers and cult members to lie to the American people and the world. The chickens will be coming home to roost, I guarantee. Evil hookers like you always get their comeuppance. The 2018 midterm elections were the beginning.

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