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Story by: Chuck Tackett


“Thousands upon thousands they hailed in from Europe. So forget what you heard in your schoolbooks. Forget a treaty. I still call them all crooks. A reservation’s the apology. And now they want to be a friend again. Damn, you better run from this Indian.”


Native American rapper

Back when President Kennedy was assassinated, Malcolm X (aka) Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz took heat from plenty of folks when he commented about the chickens coming home to roost. Malcolm X was simply saying that bad deeds and words often return to haunt the perpetrators.

For centuries, many descendants of the European crooks who invaded this country in 1492 have grown quite accustomed to White privilege and supremacy thinking they are superior to people of color and others they look down on as marginalized like Non-Whites, LGBTQs, Muslims, etc… You know the deal. When you call them out on their crap, they play “nut city.” They always like to lecture about how that was in the past, and they had nothing to do with it and somehow that they are absolved. In this age of gradual enlightenment, that lie is not being accepted by multitudes. For the most part, Right Wing Conservatives and their Republican enablers want to conserve racism and bigotry. When you call them out on their mayhem and foolishness, then they want to play a victim and cry foul — nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Recently before the midterm elections, the state of North Dakota made national headlines when State congressional house republicans passed a bill which denied people who have PO Boxes instead of street addresses to be able to vote. The North Dakota knew exactly what they were doing. A large number of Native Americans live on reservations. They have PO Boxes, not street addresses. Native Americans usually vote Democrat. This bill was laser-focused on suppressing the Native American vote. Their goal was to prevent Democrat Representative Heidi Heitkamp from returning to Washington DC. North Dakota State Rep. Kevin Cramer was the sponsor of that bill. He succeeded. Rep. Heitkamp lost her election.

The chickens came home to roost. State Rep. Cramer was up for re-election in North Dakota. Thanks to Ruth Buffalo, who ran against him, she won making history. State Rep-elect Buffalo is the first Native American Democrat woman to be elected to the North Dakota legislature.

It seems Republicans of today can’t win elections from their ideas. They have to resort to voter suppression and gerrymandering to win elections.

Ruth Buffalo is my kind of Thanksgiving story. She and large numbers of Native Americans came out in record numbers to vote in the midterms. Always remember, when you don’t have a seat at the table, you are usually on the menu.

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