Written by on November 1, 2018

Story by Chuck Tackett


For those of you who are not familiar with Brittany Packnett, she is the co-founder of Campaign Zero, which was formed by activists associated with Black Lives Matter. Campaign Zero was launched on August 21st, 2015. Time Magazine named Ms. Packnett to their 2015 list of 12 New Faces of Black Leadership.

Recently, Ms. Packnett was on the limited HBO series “POD Saves America.” When it came to our female brethren,” she stated, “Here’s what frankly worries me. The President has been talking horribly about women since he was a candidate. Like, he admitted to being a sexual assaulter while he was a candidate. Yet, 53% of White women went ahead and elected him anyway.”

When Brittany was finished with that brief synopsis, I thought she was finished with her remark. Instead, she scooted up to the front of her chair, bent over, and directly glared at the Progressive White Women of Austin, Texas, where the show was being broadcast and had a little tete a tete with them. Brittany asserted, “So let me talk to my White sisters. I want to issue you a warning. I hope you are listening closely. I know how math works. I know the 47% knows the 53%. I want you to go and tell your mamas, your aunties, and your grandmamas for me to stop selling us out. Your Whiteness will not actually save you from what patriarchy has in store for you. Unfortunately, you can ask Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. We all know what happened to her when she decided to stand up and be a patriot in this country and tried to save the rest of us. So yeah, I am asking the 47% to talk to the 53% and tell them to stay woke and get on the right side of history.”

Brittany also had a message to Conservative White men. She proclaimed. “I find it hilarious when White dudes want to set the rules about who belongs in this country or not given the fact that they stole it from indigenous people. It really cracks me up.”

Ms. Packnett closed her remarks concerning Trump supporters and enablers greatest fear when it comes to the United States of America. Brittany declared. “At the end of the day, this is something rooted in fear. They are absolutely scared of the dismantling of the status quo and the loss of power. As far as I am concerned, they should be scared. We should be the greatest collective threat oppression has ever seen. I want White supremacists’ worst nightmare to come true. I want them to go running when they see us on November 6th, the 7th, and every single day after. We have to actually create a country that works for all of us.”

My contingency is until the words “liberty and justice for all” are truly implemented by the status quo, there will be no peace, but continued divisiveness, which puts the United States in a very weakened position to those who truly hate this country. America, the world is watching. They either are laughing at the silliness, or grimacing because millions upon millions of this country’s citizens are so very ratchet.

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