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“It’s difficult to get a man to believe when his salary depends on him not believing.
“Upton Sinclair Jr.  —  American Writer
This article is dedicated to my buddy Poghos Kazarian who is an astrophysicist. Now here is this week’s Chuck‘s Chat.
Throughout my life, I have wondered what catastrophic phenomenon would have to occur for people of all races, sexual orientation, socioeconomic backgrounds, Progressives and Conservatives, etc… to unite and act truly like the family of man. When I was younger, I thought of 1950’s era horror films like “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers”, “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms”, “Them” and other movies from that particular genre. Then we all would unite for a common cause to save our planet and human species.
When I became older, I resorted to more realistic scenarios. In the 1980’s when the AIDS virus became a worldwide epidemic, I thought this was it. This will unite us all. Silly naive me: people were blaming Africans because of handling/consuming some green monkey and LGBTQs.were blamed because of some stereotypical belief that ALL Gay men were sexually active with multiple partners. Even though factual evidence proved that anyone could get AIDS, People continued clinging to the lies. It fitted their agenda of spreading the ailments of racism, and bigotry.
Now let’s flash forward to 2018. While protests about climate change and environmental protections have been around for decades, a real-life horror chronicle is upon us. What is more tragic and irresponsible is our politicians mostly Republicans are playing political games with America. Doing the bidding of their Wealthy Conservative supporters who refuse to believe in climate change/environmental protections, some of our politicians are playing nut city and refuse to believe in science and factual proof because it is all about the paper and their coins. Their unprecedented greed/selfishness, their enablers’ ass kissing will be putting ALL of us in jeopardy.
Recently, the United Nations released a report stating that we have 12 years left to make some serious changes to limit the abuse of our environment and climate. Climate change whether you want to accept it or not has gone from theory to reality. FACT: there has been 4 Category 4 or stronger tropical hurricanes in the United States within the past 14 months.
Lately, America’s favorite scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson vocalized his concerns to CNN Nres Anchor Van Jones.
When Van Jones asked Mr. Tyson what scares him most about climate change and the 12 years or else report, Tyson responded. “We have a relatively stable climate; no ice ages, no hot spells. We have these ice caps primarily in Antartica and Greenland. OMG! If you melt these ice caps, the water levels will rise and come to the elbow of the Statue of Liberty. We are not talking about it being so hot it will kill us, we are talking about sea level changes. Where all the greatest cities in the world are located? They are on the oceanside. We will see extremes in the weather. This will destabilize the world. You know who knows that? The Pentagon, the military has no debate about this and neither do the insurance companies.”
Politicians especially the Republicans are wasting time arguing with Progressives about what is established, objective truth. Time is being wasted. Why? Refer back to the quote at the beginning of this article by American writer Upton Sinclair Jr. Now you know why fixing this is not as complex as Republicans pretend it is.
Presently we are going through a real-life horror/disaster movie. Maybe the masses, especially in the United States, needs to quit worrying about the antics of Kanye West, the Kardashians, and other celebrities and worry what kind of world we are leaving our descendants to deal with.
All of this reminds me of that movie scene in the movie, “The Day Arter Tomorrow” where American citizens became “illegal aliens” by illegally crossing into Mexico seeking asylum from the killer weather caused by climate change. Americans were not put in cages and families separated. The American refugees were living in tent cities. I remember Republicans having a fit over that particular scene. That is EXACTLY how some arrogant Americans would act.
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