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Story by Chuck TackettTULIPS

“Look at the flowers.”
Carol from “The Walking Dead.”

Those of you who are “The Walking Dead” fanatics such as myself, I’m sure you recognize this line from the show’s character Carol, and the reason behind why she uttered these words.

For those of you who are either not familiar or do not know much about “The Walking Dead,” the adult character named Carol tells a young teenage survivor of the worldwide zombie apocalypse named Lizzy to turn around and look at the flowers. Lizzy is severely traumatized by everything she has witnessed. So much so, Lizzy ends up stabbing her younger sister to death, while the adults were away. The adults realize that no one is safe around Lizzy, so Carol takes her out to a field of flowers. She tells Lizzy to turn around and look at the flowers. In a few seconds of temporary sanity, Lizzy starts to cry looking at the flowers realizing the horrendous crime she did. Carol takes a gun and shoots Lizzy in the back of her head killing her.

Quite a few folks who know me, are aware that tulips are my favorite flower. They look strong, sturdy, and strikingly majestic in its various vibrant hues. Thinking of tulips, they come in multiple colors like human beings. Not once have I have ever heard anyone utter a word about one color of a tulip is superior to others. I have never heard anyone say that one color of a tulip is genetically inferior because of its color. People usually say that they all are beautiful.

For centuries, in the United States and other countries around the world, the fib that human beings are superior, or inferior, because of skin color has manifested itself to our detriment. It has been passed down from generation to generation causing hatred, division, and a false sense of one’s superiority; a worldwide caste system.

The deplorable folks who pass on these whoppers are not stupid. They are evil and have an agenda. They are wealthy corporatists who only care about becoming more and more wealthy. They do not care about our environment. They do not care about the safety of the water we drink and bathe in. They do not care about the food we eat. The more they can divide the poor and middle financial class folks by race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc., the more we don’t pay attention to them while fighting amongst ourselves, the more they can pay off our politicians and have them do their bidding.

Republican supporters and enablers of this GOP administration, you have bought into this convoluted notion that undocumented immigrants are stealing American jobs. Wake up and do some critical thinking of your own. The only ones who are stealing American jobs are corporate elitists. You think you have something in common with them. These folks are using robots and automation, so they don’t have to hire you. They have shipped jobs overseas so they can pay third world people poverty wages, so they don’t have to adhere to OSHA standards here in this country and escape Unions that protect workers. Unions that negotiate a living wage. Unions that negotiate benefits including medical. Unions that will fight for you if the company breaks these contracts or treats you unfairly.

Millions of you know that robots and automation are taking away jobs, yet it seems some of you enjoy serving “Animal House” Kevin Bacon realness. You seem to enjoy getting your ass paddled by the 1% and telling them, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” How is that working out for you while you foolishly scream at innocent marginalized people, “You will not replace us.” Silly ass tricks, you already are being replaced under your noses, like the rest of us. But somehow, you still think you are superior to us, and the wealthy elite have your backs because you kiss their ass.

When you get this notion that you are somehow genetically superior, take a look at a vase of multi-colored tulips. Recognize they are like us. We are equal, despite our different colors. Recognize we need each other. We should be working together as one big family of homo sapiens. Our very existence and the existence of the planet we live on depends on it.

Look at the tulips.

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  1. Mt babyy   On   November 11, 2018 at 5:48 am

    Another brilliant story! I couldn’t agree more. That’s what racism does..it makes you blindly follow into your own demise.

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