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Story By Chuck Tackett


“Trump killed those people (Puerto Ricans) twice. One through neglect and oversight. And secondly, disgracing that they died at all. This is what death denial, this is what Holocaust denial, that is what all those denials syndromes are all about, killing the person twice. If they are not voters, they are not White; he doesn’t give a darn. That is what all of this is about. These people are not recognizable as Americans. as human beings in his eyes.”

Jennifer Rubin
Journalist, The Washington Post
Former Republican

Before I begin this article, I would like to dedicate it to my friend Robert Moore of 96.5FM “The Buzz” who gave me the inspiration to write this article through the music he was playing on his recent radio show called “Sonic Spectrum.” Thanks, Robert so much for the inspiration. Now here is my September 27th Chuck’s Chat article:

Recently, Ana Navarro who is a Republican strategist and CNN news anchor wanted to make it crystal clear to everyone that the Republican candidate for Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis is not Hispanic. He is White. She wanted folks to know that DeSantis is of Italian heritage, so there would be no confusion. Ana is one of a handful of Republicans who have openly detest Trump and his enablers.

According to a recent USA Today article, there was a rare instance of disagreement with Trump. Stephen Lawson, one of DeSantis’s spokespersons, claimed that DeSantis is committed to standing with the Puerto Rican community, especially after the loss of life because of Hurricane Maria. DeSantis doesn’t believe any loss of life has been inflated.

Fernand Amandi, Floridan pollster and host of the podcast “Strange Days” replied. “Let’s take the obvious. Ron DeSantis for that matter didn’t grow a conscience overnight. He didn’t develop courage that has been long lost in reaction to that tweet. This is purely about the political consideration of what now coming to realize only every other Republican, not just in Florida but across the country. A vote for a Republican candidate for these midterm elections is a vote for Trump and a vote for the extremist policies that have basically unmoored America for over the last two years.

I want to go back to what Jennifer Rubin said quickly because it can’t be stated enough. What motivated Trump to write that tweet talking about the 3000 deaths that he said never happened, we will never know. It is either mental deterioration or the dehumanization of a group of people in the United States which I’m a member of; Hispanic Americans. He has called us animals. He has now tried to deny the deaths of many American citizens who live with great dignity. This is sending a very sinister message to Trump’s base. What he is saying these are not people. These are not even animals. These things never happened. It’s modern-day holocaust denial.

Fernand and Jennifer’s remarks about Trump and his response to the people of Puerto Rico are very clear. Anyone who disputes this, in my opinion, is being willfully ignorant. And willfully insensitive to our Puerto Rican sisters and brothers who are also American citizens, whether they like it or not.

Another truth that has been glossed over is the people of the Virgin Islands who are also American citizens whether people like it or not. That island was decimated. While Trump was so gracious to make landfall in Puerto Rico and throw Bounty paper towels at them, he didn’t even know that he was the President of the Virgin Islands. The idiot thought that Governor Kenneth Mappes was their President not him. If my memory serves me correctly, Trump couldn’t even bother to step foot on the Virgin Island but met the Govoner on a ship. How decent of him.

Trump loving Americans, you are trapped in your own crap and Conservative pundits talking points filled with lies. You profess to be such patriots and such Christians. You think you are so privileged, that you can pick and choose what part of the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bible that benefits you and for others weaponize it against them.

Let’s not play with each other Trump zombies. You are trapped in your narrow ass vision fed to you by Trump, FOX propaganda, Sinclair, One America Network, etc… that anyone who does not look like you is not a real American and are taking what you feel you are entitled to. You WILLFULLY refuse to accept the fact that it is not people of color who are stealing American jobs. You are being replaced by robots, by automation and your jobs are also being moved overseas. Is it people of color who are making those decisions? You know it isn’t, but you are too yellow-bellied, too cowardly, too lily-livered to stand up to CEOs of major corporations who are making those decisions that are making you feel trapped with mayhem and foolishness. CEOs of these major corporations are responsible for you being financially trapped. So, the cowards that you are, you decide to blame people of color because you think we are easy targets to blame. You are trapped in your foolishness to think just because you have White skin like these CEOs, they care about you, and you have a camaraderie with them. They along with your Republican politicians are playing your trick asses.

It’s nice to laugh, but don’t be the joke.

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