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Bishop Bernard Wright: Hooker, Sit Your Trifling, Dufus, Bigoted Ass Down

Written by on February 11, 2022

Bishop Bernard Wright: Hooker, Sit Your Trifling, Dufus, Bigoted Ass Down

Before I begin this article, some of you White LGBTQs in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area have accused me of being a racist, and unhappy person because I dared to address the racism in the LGBTQ diaspora, which is a national problem, along with some other isms. Some of you have selective amnesia. In the past 26 years of writing Chuck’s Chat, I have called out LGBTQ hating Non-Whites on their crap. Some of you said I haven’t. Maybe it is the messenger and not the message, you tell me. Either way, I will continue to address issues of injustice and inequality with no apologies, so deal with it. Now for this week’s article:

“Don’t be afraid to live a little, don’t be afraid of the people that belittle our love. Just be yourself.” – “Soul Experience” by Iron Butterfly

Just like clockwork, regardless of if it’s Presidential, Midterm, State, or Local, Regressives’ favorite Boogeyman to divide and conquer, instead of addressing issues of governance, is the LGBTQ populace.

According to LGBTQ Nation publication, Bishop Bernard Wright is among 4 people who is vying for Mayor of Boynton Beach, Florida Out Gay City Commissioner Ty Pensgera is considered to be the frontrunner.

In one of his campaign videos, he talks about how, unlike Ty Pensgera, he is a “REAL MAN.” Queen, sit your silly ass down. In his rants on that video, he claims he is a real man because he pees like a man, and has bowel movements like a man. In the words of Motormouth Maybelle in the 1988 version of “Hairspray,” “Oh, Papa Tooney, we got a looney.”

While listening to this trick, I was wondering who will win the biggest nincompoop to run for office in Florida; Gov. Ron DeathSantis or Bishop Bernard “Real Man” Wright. The election is scheduled to be on March 8th.

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