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Written by on October 21, 2021

Story by Chuck Tackett


About 2 weeks ago, I was riding with my brother John in his SUV running errands. On his radio, we were listening to Sirius XM’s Urban View. The Karen Hunter Show was on. She had just changed the subject. What was being discussed was comedian Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix comedy special. We were almost at our destination, so all I knew was that the LGBTQ community had a problem with some of his remarks on his comedy special.

I do not know much about Dave Chappelle. I have never seen his Netflix comedy specials or his other shows. The only thing I knew about him was his parody of Funk/Disco singer Rick James. Those of you who know me are aware I am a horror/disaster movie nerd. If I had to choose to watch Dave Chappelle or my favorite movie genre, you know who would be victorious 100% of the time.

Curiosity got the best of this cat, from what little I had heard on the radio, so I made it a point to check out Mr. Chappelle’s last comedy special on Netflix. I wanted to see for myself what all the kerfuffle was about.

Dave Chappelle does nothing for me. I wasn’t aware of his past controversies regarding the LGBTQ community. In his special, Chappelle whined like a bitch. He complained about being misunderstood and canceled. Boy bye. You reportedly have received $60 million dollars from Netflix to spew your vile vitriol, so you are no victim. What I have read about his fixation on the LGBTQ community from his past Netflix specials, he seems to think the LGBTQ community is obsessed with him. Wrong. The only reason he is on our radar is because of his constant remarks regarding LGBTQs especially our Transgender brethren. When Chappelle bought up about the racism within the LGBTQ community, it made me wonder is that the reason why he is focused on our community? Chappelle talked like only White people are LGBTQs. In his remarks regarding Transgender folks, it was like Transgender people of color were invisible to him. Chappelle, in my opinion, seemed to ignore the fact of the violence that Trans women endure with the majority being Black and Brown. It seemed to me he could care less about promoting divisions between Heterosexual Blacks and the LGBTQ community. As long as he gets his coins, the hell with us.


Chappelle is no George Carlin or Paul Mooney when it comes to dealing with politics/social issues. He acts more right wingish. After viewing his special, all I can say to Dave Chappelle is Trick, kick rocks.

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