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Written by on September 24, 2021

Story by Chuck Tackett


   “Smile like you mean it.”

Armond, hotel/resort manager

HBO’s The White Lotus 


Since arriving home June 8th after a 3-and-a-half-month absence recuperating from COVID and going through inpatient physical therapy, I was way behind on my TV/movie/news viewing. Besides numerous doctor appointments and outpatient physical therapy, I have been sleeping 10 to 12 hours a day.


Even now, in the middle of September, I am finally feeling 100% or so I thought. On September 15th, I had a serious setback. It was 3:00 am. I was walking to my bedroom when for no known reason, my legs gave out on me. I fell hard, but I was able to break my fall to the floor by falling on the couch. Unfortunately, my shin slammed into the hard part of the couch. I called my brother, John, who was at work. When he arrived home, I was barely able to walk. He took me to the KU Hospital emergency room. I was informed by the doctor I developed a baseball size hematoma on my left shin. They took x-rays to make sure I hadn’t broken a bone. Thankfully, I hadn’t.


While I am taking a respite from vigorous exercising, I decided to tune into the HBO series, “The White Lotus.” Some of my Facebook friends had implored me to check it out. Since I am pretty much caught up with my viewing, I checked it out to see what the hullabaloo was about. They had told me they felt I would really like it. Seeing that I needed to rest up for a bit, I decided to binge-watch the show that was on HBO on demand. They were so on the money. I was engrossed in the series; it only took me two days to watch the entire season of 6 episodes, each being an hour long.


Openly Bisexual filmmaker/actor Mike White created, wrote, directed, and produced the HBO series. When I looked at Mr. White explaining his inside views of each episode, it dawned on me I recognized him from the movies “Chuck & Buck” and “Zombieland.”


The best way I can describe this marvelous series without giving too much away, is that reminded me of the movie “Titanic.” if it was on land. It was brilliant in addressing issues of inequality by class, gender, and race. With this series, it was hidden under the illusion of being in a tropical Xanadu.


In my opinion, actress Jennifer Coolidge, who plays hotel guest Tawnya had a breakout performance that made the series. Her character is a lonely and depressed rich woman with “Mommy Dearest” issues. If Ms. Coolidge looks familiar, she is best known for portraying Jeanine Stifler, the MILF in “American Pie” and Paulette Bonaforte, the insecure manicurist in the “Legally Blonde” movie franchises.


Recently, HBO announced there would be a Season 2 of “The White Lotus.” According to creator Mike White, it wouldn’t make sense to have Season 1 guests to return on Season 2, but it could be a possibility.


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