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” In time it could have been o much more. The time is precious I know. Intime it could have been so much more. The time has nothing to show because time won’t give me time, and time makes lovers feel they’ve got something real.”

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Ever since I was around 10 or 11 years old, I had a fascination with movies/TV shows that was everything time travel.

The movie that fueled my fascination was the film, “The Time Machine.” which starred actors Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieaux. Even at 11 years old in the mid-1960’s when the lead character arrives in the year 802,701, on his time machine, he finds a lush, beautiful green paradise. When he finds the human populace of that era, they are all young, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed. I said to myself, where are all the people of color? Where are all the grown folks?

If you haven’t seen this classic, I won’t give away any spoilers. Let’s just say that all that glitters isn’t gold. Thankfully in 2002, a big screen remake of the 1960 movie was made, and things were very more realistic.

Through the years even now at 62 years old, I have never lost that fascination. Movies/TVshows have taken time to travel to a different level. These days it can be used as a tool for war to change the course of history to prevent certain people from being born, good and evil folks. The biggest temptation these days is for time travelers to change events to prevent loved one from getting killed in accidents or other mishaps. Presently, the NBC TV show “Timeless” has been a favorite of mine which premiered in October 2016.

Unfortunately, if you are a fan of “Timeless” as I am, NBC has announced that there will be no 3rd season of the TV show. An attempt to move “Timeless” to another network including Netflix didn’t work out. A movie to provide closure to the fans is highly unlikely. Mocking Weezy from the movie “Steel Magnolias”, NBC is evil and needs to be destroyed. (laughing).

If you have Netflix streaming, there is a TV show in Spain that premiered in 2015 that is very similar to “Timeless.” that Netflix provides. The name of the TV show is “El Ministerio del Tiempo” or in English, “The Ministry of Time.” It seems quite obvious to me that American writers got the idea of “Timeless” from that Spanish TV show.

For those of you who may not be familiar with “El Ministerio del Tiempo”, it is a Spanish TV show that premiered on February 24th, 2015 in Spain’s TVE’s main channel La1. In that show, The Ministry of Time is Spain’s best-kept secret. It is a government institution that reports directly to the Prime Minister. Different patrols are sent out to different time eras and also to watch the doors of time so that no intruder of other eras can change history for their benefit The TV show focuses on the members of the newest formed patrols and the adventures they encounter while on different assignments.

The main characters of the newest patrol are two men and one woman. Sounds familiar “Timeless” fans? The main characters are;
1. Julian Martinez: Julian is a 21st-century paramedic who recently lost his wife in a car accident. Julian has a bad habit of breaking the rules and keeps returning to a couple of days before his wife is killed and tries to change it. The actor who plays Julian is Rodolfo Sancho.
2. Alonso de Entrerrios: Alonso is a 16th-century soldier who is an expert in fields of combat. Alonso was recruited to come and live in the 21st century the day before he was to be executed. Alonso has been having difficulty in adjusting to life in the 21sr century especially when it comes to women. He is used to women of his own era who were homemakers and very subservient to men. His character reminds me of the “Timeless” character, Rufus. Rufus was a programmer and a pilot of the time machine. Rufus is Black and had a difficult time being subservient to Whites in different time eras of the past. Actor Macho Fresneda plays Alonso in “El Ministerio del Tiempo.”
3. Amelia Folich: Amelia is the leader of the group. She is a late 19th-century student at a university. Amelia is the 1st woman to attend the school. She is well versed in history before hers. After each task is completed, Amelia has the pleasure of returning back to the 19th century. Amelia is the only child of her wealthy parents. She is able to return as not to arouse suspicion. Actress Aura Garrido plays Amelia.

Unfortunately, after Season 3 of “El Ministerio de Tiempo,” the show was canceled. In 2017. But “Timeless” fans, all is not lost. One of Netflix’s most binge-watched shows, “Travelers” is also about time travel. It is a Canadian-American creation whose main star isEric McCormack of “Will and Grace” fame. Season 3 of that show is predicted to be December of 2018. Well, every day is XMAS !!

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