January 6th, 2021: Who’s criminal? Vanilla Isis, That’s Who?

Written by on January 14, 2021

Story by Chuck Tackett

January 6th, 2021: Who’s criminal? Vanilla Isis, That’s Who?

Before I begin this article, I must take a cue from MSNBC’s news anchor Joy Reid. With all the violence we all witnessed from predominantly White domestic terrorists on Wednesday, January 6th, it is easy to forget about the wonderful news that had happened the day before. The state of Georgia made history when they elected Rev. Raphael Warnock and Mr. Jon Ossoff to represent them in Washington DC as Senators. Rev. Warnock is the first Black Senator, and Mr. Ossoff is the first Jewish Senator to be elected in Georgia. Kudos to Georgia residents for a job well done. You came out in historic numbers, despite attempts from the Fascist American Apartheid Party to oppress your votes.

I am sure all of you are aware of what transpired in Washington DC on Wednesday, January 6th. But Vanilla Isis wasn’t just present in our nation’s capital; they had planned coordinated events in other cities as well. If I am not mistaken, I do not think they were as murderously violent as it was in DC. The other cities, I understand, were; Topeka, Kansas, Los Angeles, California, Olympia, Washington, Salem, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Utah, Lansing, Michigan, Atlanta, Georgia, Denver, Colorado, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Phoenix, Arizona.

After witnessing all that White-on-White crime, I do not want to hear anything from all of you Fascist American Apartheid members about Blacks, and other people of color, being so violent. Your projection games, lies, and gaslighting games do not work. Let’s get one fact straight now. The two greatest acts of murderous domestic terrorism in the USA, have been caused by White Americans: Timothy McVeigh, and now Vanilla Isis. I am grateful for MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross’s reflection on the matter that recently transpired in DC.

Joy Reid (Right) ————————————————————– Tiffany Cross (Left)

Joy Reid, MSNBC’s news anchor – “This week, a mob of right-wing criminals penetrated the halls of our Capital threatening the lives of members of Congress, and the Vice President while forcing violent symbols of White power, hate, and oppression into the bowels of Congress. It occurred right smack in the middle of a pandemic. So yeah, this week was a lot. We still don’t have all the facts or the footage. But what we do know is some remarkable new managed to break the madness. There was a huge turnout, fueled by a Black-led people of color, contingent that secured the victories of Democrats Mr. Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock, therefore flipping the Senate and stripping Mitch McConnell from his shell. It is no coincidence that White fanatics invaded our Capitol the day after Georgia elected its first Black Senator and its first Jewish Senator. This is the last gasp of a dying administration that was voted out by 81 million Americans. You may be scared of what happened on Wednesday and what it means for our country’s security, but they are scared too. In 12 days, their leader will not be in the White House anymore.”

Tiffany Cross, MSNBC new anchor – “I am fresh out of hero cakes for these people at the 11th hour, who are trying to insight this performative rejection of Trump’s policies. Adam Kinzinger has voted for Trump 91% of his time in office. He knew full well what Trump was in 2016. He opted to vote for him. Adam Kinzinger again calling people saying there is systematic racism in law enforcement inflammatory. I am not here for people on that point, then decide it is not cool to like him anymore, then let me part ways, If this the point not years ago when he had the Russians in the Oval, not on the campaign trail when he kicked off his campaign with racist rhetoric. Now, at this point, when you feel like there might be some sort of political future for you, you are no hero. Elaine Cho is no hero. Mitt Romney is no hero. Certainly, John Kelly is no hero. Mick Mulvaney is no hero. I hope people have long memories because we need to have an honest discussion in this country about how we got here. Quite frankly, it precedes Donald Trump. I know there has been a lot of clever people, and ‘never trump’ to come out, but quite frankly, some of these ‘never Trump’ laid the groundwork for this work right now. But now that the Dems have taken over, there’s been a shift of power in the Senate that tilts toward Democratic policies. Let’s see where our new friends land. Let’s see if we learned from the lessons of the past and now move forward in a way where we can all proceed as patriots, not performative, and not stroke the racist rhetoric and vitriol that led to this very moment.”

From what we witnessed, on January 6th especially, Vanilla Isis are homogenous to their thieving, murderous, disingenuous, White, thuggish ancestors that invaded this country, commonly referred to as colonists.

All of this chaos and havoc because some White denizens in the USA are petrified of becoming a minority. What’s wrong with being a minority? Vanilla Isis acts like people of color and other marginalized groups are treated unfairly. You only have your ancestors to blame. There were already indigenous people living here. Your ancestors were too damn lazy to toil, so they stole Africans and bought them over as slaves. Blame them for the presence of Black folks in this country you claim is yours. You want Black people to get over slavery? Then, Fascist Vanilla Isis quit romancing about the Civil War. Your kissing kin lost. Move on.

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