Minot City Council Rep. Carrie Evans Is Giving A Bitch Life

Written by on September 24, 2020

Story by Chuck Tackett

Minot City Council Rep. Carrie Evans Is Giving A Bitch Life

“I’m not paying heed to any of your crap”

Carrie Evans

Vice President Minot City Council

A fun segment that MSNBC news anchor Joy Reid originated on her first broadcast was “Who Won the Week.” That news show was called, “AM Joy.” It was a weekend broadcast that came on every Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am CST. 

Near the conclusion of her Sunday broadcast, Ms. Reid would gather two or three of her guests that day and play “Who Won the Week.” Each guest would give their opinion on an individual, group, or organization they felt did something extraordinary that past week. After her guests would give their opinion, Joy Reid would playfully say they didn’t win but HER choice would be the winning one. It was a fun playful banter that made the news fun to listen to.

As you all may know, Joy Reid now is on prime time. Her new show is titled, “The ReidOut” It is ‘on-air’ Monday through Friday evenings, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm CST. Sometimes on her new broadcast, on Fridays, Ms. Reid will play that fun segment of “Who Won the Week” on her new show.

So far, MSNBC has kept “AM Joy,” but fills it with guest hosts. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Jonathan Capehart, the opinion writer for The Washington Post who is openly Gay, was the guest host on Sunday, September 13th.

On that particular episode, Mr. Capehart decided to use “Who Won the Week.” After his guests revealed their picks, it was Johnathon’s turn. He replied “Carrie Evans won the week” For a quick second, I said out loud “Who?” Johnathon went on to explain who Ms. Evans was, and why he picked her.

Carrie Evans was elected to be on the City Council of Minot, North Dakota on June 9th, 2020. Ms. Evans was sworn in, and chosen to be Vice President on June 23rd, 2020. She is openly a Lesbian.

Obviously, some residents of Minot, North Dakota didn’t get the memo. Around Labor Day, the LGBTQ Pride flag was flown, as part of a proclamation recognizing June as LGBTQ Pride Month. Because of Trump’s pandemic, the Mayor decided to fly the flag in September instead of the customary month of June.

At the September Minot City Council meeting, mostly disgruntled residents arrived to voice their displeasure of the flag being flown. Council Rep. Evens explained that the gesture was meant to show inclusiveness and representation. Even with her reasonable explanation, the bigots in the audience were showing their asses. One guy who looked like a dime-store KFC Col Sanders was on the mic. I guess Carrie Evans had enough of their mayhem and foolishness. Ms. Thang wasn’t having it, and read “Col. Sanders.” For my non-LGBTQ readers who might not know what I mean, Rep. Evans told his lame, bigoted ass off. After Johnathon showed the viewers the video of their exchange at that city meeting, I understood perfectly why he chose her for “Who Won the Week.” 

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