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Story by Chuck Tackett


“To me, part of what Democrats have to do to make people understand is it isn’t just about Trump, it is about Republican policies. This has happened in my entire life. Republicans get in power. They practice ‘smash & grab’ capitalism. They wreck the economy. Then Democrats have to come along and spend 8 years of making really tough sometimes unpopular choices to get the economy back on track, and just at the point we can start doing what we want to do, instead of what we have to do, American voters, who have the memory of a goldfish, are like ‘Let’s elect some more Republicans’, and Republicans go back and snatch up everything again. Like at some point, I am so sick of Democrats having to run around with a bottle of Febreeze because Republicans keep getting their funk all over the economy.”

Elie Mystal

Editor, AboveTheLaw.com

Elie Mystal is the Executive Editor of “AboveTheLaw.com” (ATL). ATL takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of law. ATL provides news and insights on breaking legal developments. Before joining ATL, Mr. Mystal was a writer on politics and pop culture for the ‘City Hall News’ and the ‘New York Times.’ He is also a regular commentator on MSNBC. I love listening to Elie’s comments. He keeps it real and takes no prisoners.

Another person I enjoy listening to his remarks is D.L. Hughley. D.L. is best known as one of ‘The Kings of Comedy’. Mr. Hughley is an actor, comic, and activist. D.L. has his own radio show, which is played on several Black radio stations nationwide that plays old school Funk, and Soul sprinkled with his commentary/interviews about issues of the day.

Recently about a month ago, Mr. Hughley spoke an inconvenient truth concerning Conservative poor and middle-class White Trumplicans with the following message:

“The events of the past weekend has inspired a lot of people to come forth to denounce White supremacy, the latest, Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas. He came out and denounced White supremacy and talked about how it was destroying America. White supremacy permeates pretty much all access of our lives, even Ted Cruz. His real name is Raphael Edward Cruz. He couldn’t have been a Senator using that name. Why? Why is it?

Why is it that all these so-called White supremacists almost all these things they are angry about, other rich White people did?

Why are Black people here? Did we come and volunteer, or had wealthy White people brought us here to do their jobs? Why are immigrants here? Did they come voluntarily or did wealthy White people let them in?

Everything you hate, they have had their hands in. Let me ask you something. Your neighborhoods are flooded with opioids. Who did it? Your prospects for the future are dim. Who did it? Your schooling is minimal. Who did it? Your factories are gone. Who did it? Your homes are foreclosed on. Who did it? Was it Black people? Was it Latin people?

Now White supremacists are walking around saying, “You will not replace us.” You know who did it? Robots. Robots already replaced you. Every step forward, America had to battle White supremacy. Every step you acted the same. You try to intimidate and murder. Whether its burning churches or hanging people and still people pressed on because you cannot kill an idea. You can’t bully an idea. You can’t bend time to your circumstance. Sure, a lot of people will die. It’s just how much blood will be on your hands before progress happens. People are gonna move forward.

The America you fought for, you crave, no longer exists. All of your problems, you can point to rich White folks to blame on. Everything you are mad at, you blame on everybody else, but it’s you. Either you voted for these people, or you didn’t vote at all. But the bottom line is, none of the people you hate and shoot up are responsible for your lot in life.

You know if you’re Black, if you’re Brown, or if you’re Gay, or if you’re a woman, you know America well. You know its prettiness. You know how beautiful it is, but you know the darkness of it. Nobody knows America better than the people who’ve seen it at its best and at its worst. And we still love it. We still love America.

You hate it and you’re just now getting introduced to it. They hate the America they are being introduced to. Not the America they were told was one way, but the real America. The America that bragged about being inclusive. Now it is. The land of opportunity. All the things you’ve said about her, now that it is coming to fruition, you hate.

If you are not a rich white dude, you have no reason to be a White supremacist at all. Everything you are mad about, you did either actively, or passively. You decided you wanted to support somebody because they looked the same way, said a certain thing, or a name sounded a certain way. People moved forward, and you got left behind.

Yes, I am mad at White supremacy and what it has done to Black people. I hate slavery. People getting over incarcerated. I hate people getting shot down on the streets. I hate there is a lack of education and Medicare, but I understand that. I know it, and I still love this country.

The sad part about you is, even though they did all that to me, and people who look like me, what they did to you was worse.

They told you that you were something you weren’t, and you believed it. Now you feel somebody took something away from you that was never yours. You shouldn’t call yourself a White supremacist. You’re an eggshell at best. Beige at best. Every interest you have lies with me, and people who look like me. They have no interest in you. You are so angry about your lot in life, how someone who took everything away from you. You voted for a man who has gold toilets and washed his hands every time he is around you.

The thing is, everybody else has moved on, and White supremacy did you a disservice. It made you think you were them, and you’re not. You’ve been left behind because you thought you never had to keep up. You’re like a lion, an animal that was raised in captivity, and now you don’t know how to fend for yourself. You can tear stuff up, but you can’t take care of yourself, so what does it do? It destroys. But the thing is, every ounce of the progress we’ve made, we see you. We’ve gone around you and still, people move forward.

You can use all the bullets, all the bombs, and threats and curses you want, but you cannot kill an idea. You can’t kill freedom. You can’t kill hope. You’ve done this before. You blew up bridges, you blew up schools, you’ve hung people. Where did that get you? Everything in this country has done to move forward, they have done it through you. They did it without your consent. They did it with you dragging, kicking, and screaming. You are not supreme. You are just the latest version of the last group that lost.”

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