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Story by Chuck Tackett


Before I begin this article, a huge thanks/gratitude to Andrew Bui of “Arys x Fe Photography.” Andrew will be my official photographer of my Chuck’s Chat articles when my storyline is local. Thanks so much again, Andrew !!!

If you are a regular reader of my weekly articles, you are conscious of the fact about how I treat months assigned to marginalized folks when it comes to history, heritage, and culture.

For example, February is deemed Black History Month, and March is defined as Women’s History Month. I believe in celebrating/acknowledging marginalized groups 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It seems to me just assigning a certain month gives an excuse to ignore those accomplishments for the rest of the year.

September 15th to October 15th is considered to be National Hispanic Heritage Month. As I am writing this article, I had completely spaced that out. It was a coincidence this article is coming on the advent of that celebration. I didn’t purposely wait until this time to inform you about Hecho KC.

Back in the mid to late 1990s, Chuck’s Chat was just in its genesis. I didn’t want to be just another LGBTQ+ columnist of that time. I was still searching to find my niche. Regardless of their sexual orientation, I had written a series of articles of local Kansas city men I was impressed with. I named the series “Chuck’s Menz.”

Looking back, now in 2019, I am just now realizing that most of the fellas I did an article on were mostly local Kansas City theater actors. The only one I can recall that wasn’t, was my cousin Milo who at the time owned a shop in the Westport Shopping/Entertainment district focusing on unique men’s workout apparel, underwear, and swimwear. If I am not mistaken, his business is now online. One of the men I featured was Luis Garcia.

Through the magic of Facebook, Luis and I have reconnected. Back when I first met Luis, he was a local actor with The Chameleon Theater Company. Back then, I knew in my gut, Luis had that certain je nes sais quio. He stood out to me amongst all the other actors I had met.

Back in 2004, Luis graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute. He majored in Design/Sculpture and got his Bachelors of Fine Arts.

After graduating, Luis did the ad agency thing but was let go due to budget cuts. Since then, 2005, he has started a branding & design studio called SPYN (12 years running), and in 2016, conceived HECHO, Art & Home Decor Made From Cultural Roots. HECHO is a way to be more expressive with his artistic perspective and to create work.

With the sample pieces, Luis bought with him for our interview, I have to say his art pieces called Skelly© was my favorite. Mr. Garcia explained. Skelly© is a self-portrait character and the protagonist of Hecho KC, and of me, that includes my thoughts, feelings, and my story. Skelly© and all my other pieces are evolving.” 

For more information on Hecho KC, you can go to Instagram & Twitter @ HechoKC and/or Facebook to see the latest posts on what’s coming up for Hecho KC and Luis for Hispanic Heritage Month, Dia De Los Muertos, and just the holiday gift-giving season.


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