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Story by Chuck Tackett

Some of my young LGBTQ+ readerships may not realize, but several years before the #OscarSoWhite coalition, there were complaints about the lack of diversity in roles that could easily be played by a person of color.

Various actors complained that they were being discriminated against, because they are White. I even heard a director complain about this accusation. He attempted to justify it by spouting this asinine comment of not being able to find qualified Black actors. It was, then, years ago that I had one of my “Hello Lights” moments. Hollywood is not as Liberal as the public is led to believe. It is just a fake ass talking point perpetuated by Republicans to maintain the status quo of dividing poor and middle financial class folks. AIt was a part of the Cognitive Dissonance racket that, recently, the Kansas City LGBTQ+ podcast “Just My Opinion” hosts, MT Baby, and Spiritual Studd, addressed.

Hollywood has started to change. Not because it was the right thing to do, but because they now magically figured out people of color go to the movies. People of color watch television. The USA is not a winter wonderland of White. In my opinion, if the only reason you are changing is to make more coin, you do not get a Girl Scout cookie. Both HBO and Netflix have shows I am excited to watch.

The first series I am excited about is, “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” The series is created by comics Robin Thede and Issa Rae. If you are a regular of my column, Robin Thede had her own late-night talk and variety show on Black Entertainment Television (BET) called, “The Rundown with Robin Thede” in 2017. The premise of “The Rundown” was Ms. Thede’s take on the headlines of politics and pop culture of the day. She was no-holds-barred. I loved it.

Surprisingly, it lasted only one season. Issa Rae, the other creator of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” is a comic who stars in HBO’s, “Insecure.” A release date for Season 4 of “Insecure” has been set for 2019. Back to “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” it is an upcoming HBO comedy sketch show created by, written by, and starring a regular cast of Black female comics. Celebrity guests scheduled will include Laverne Cox, Angela Bassett, and Patti LaBelle to name a few. The show is scheduled to make its premiere on August 2nd, 2019.

The other show I am excited about had its debut on Netflix June 21st: “Mr. Iglesias”. I am just now watching it. I had to finish binge-watching Season 3 of “Stranger Things.” As you are reading this, I am now on Episode 6 of “Mr. Iglesias.” I had a feeling my excitement of that show would be guaranteed. I am a huge fan of one of its creators: Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. Gabriel stars as the title character, a history teacher who returns to his high school alma mater. Because of the bureaucratic bully that is the assistant principal, Mr. Iglesias uses his unconventional teaching methods to teach history to gifted misfit kids trying to save them from being “counseled out” by the assistant principal, who views them as expendable. What really resonates with me is, comic Gabriel Iglesias, who I didn’t realize acted, and is using his comedy to address social issues. In one episode, he addresses the usage of the word “Latinx.”

Besides Sherri Shepherd, the former host of “The View,” who plays the principal on the show, the only other actor I recognize is Jacob Vargas, who plays Tony Ochoa, a fellow history teacher best friend and fellow 1990’s era classmate of Mr. Iglesias. I recognized Mr. Vargas who starred in the movie, “Selena.” Mr. Vargas played the tragic singer’s brother, AB Quintanilla, who had his own band, “The Kumbia Kings.”

If the powers that be in Hollywood ever decide to go back to their old ways, then Non-White Hollywood and others need to pool their resources together and take a cue from the Tyler Perry’s playbook and create our own.

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