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Chicago – Police are investigating a possible hate crime

Written by on June 28, 2019

CHICAGO — Police are investigating a possible hate crime after a disturbing message was spray-painted on an LGBT flag at a Wicker Park church.

Surveillance video shows the vandal armed with spray paint around 3 a.m. last Sunday at the Wicker Park Lutheran Church.

The Rev. Jason Glombicki said someone spray painted a black X on the blue, pink and white transgender flag. He also said that on the rainbow LGBT flag, someone wrote “we love kids,” in what may be a hateful attempt to link homosexuality to pedophilia.

The church’s neighbors may be more upset than the reverend.

One neighbor, Matt Cerney said what happened was disgusting, and not what the community is about.

Another neighbor, Kelli Lawrence said she doesn’t understand why there are still people who want to deface something for no apparent reason.

“…Just for someone wanting to love who they want to love,” she said.

The church has long been a bastion of inclusion in the neighborhood and embraces people of all backgrounds and identities.”

The church has two rainbow flags they keep up year-round. A little over a week ago, someone tore them down.

But despite the two incidents, Glombicki said this is a chance to share what it means to be people of faith.

“Where love is the center,” he said. “It’s not about Hell. It’s not about damnation. It’s not about hate, but it’s all about love, and that’s what we preach and teach here at Wicker Park Lutheran Church.”

Chicago police are investigating.

The church is planning a special service Sunday morning. Church-goers are planning to plant hundreds of rainbow flags near the spot where the two were defaced to send a message to the vandal — and to celebrate Pride Month.

As someone who lived in Chicago’s Boystown area for over 10 years, this type of behavior is highly out of character for this part of the city. Wicker Park is about the same distance from Downtown KC to Independence and the lines of the LGBT community are so blurred that everyone is accepted. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as to who did this.

We will continue to update this story as more information comes in.

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