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Story by Chuck Tackett

“I need to wake up. I need to change. I need to shake up. I need to speak out. Something’s got to break up. I’ve been asleep, and I need to wake up. NOW.”

“I Need To Wake Up.”

Melissa Etheridge


Several times this year, I had to make trips to the doctors’ offices, way out in hoity-toity Overland Park, Kansas, to have corrective surgery on my arm, and to have cataracts removed from my eyes, so now I can see in HD.

To my national and international readers, Overland Park is an upper financial class suburb of Kansas City, Kansas. The city is located in Johnson County, which is the wealthiest county in Kansas, and one of the wealthiest counties in the United States.

When my brother John was taking me out there, my mouth dropped. I had never been so far out there. I realized once you get past 95th and Metcalf, you are in Republican territory, and the more Conservative people are out there, I told John with all these massive hotels, medical buildings, various businesses, and fancy restaurants, jobs are more prevalent and pay higher wages and benefits.

For my national and international reader’s information, I live in Kansas City, Kansas, located in Wyandotte County, the county right next door to Johnson County. The difference between the two counties is like night and day. My county leans to vote for Democrats. The population, according to the latest Census Bureau findings which ended in 2017, Whites make up 67% of the population. Non Whites listed, that included Blacks, Native American, Hispanics, Asians, and Pacific Islanders, make up 47% of the population. The median income is about $43,000, while the per capita income is around $20,000. The proudest feat that my county, along with the help of Democrats living in Johnson and other nearby counties, elected Sharice Davids for our Representative. She beat the incumbent Republican congressman Kevin Yoder to represent us in Washington DC. Rep. Yoder treated residents of Wyandotte County as an ugly stepchild, an afterthought. Trump and Pence came to Kansas a couple of times to encourage Kansans to re-elect their boy. We were not having it. What added insult to injury for the Republicans was Rep. Davids is Native American and openly Gay. Trust me, I worked on Ms. David’s campaign, and numerous voters of Johnson County used those two facts as the primary reason they would not vote for her. But of course, people claim all the time they don’t see color.

As John was driving me, I recalled how several times I was made fun of from some of the folks I worked with at Southwestern Bell Telephone Company for living in Wyandotte County. The office I worked in was located in Johnson County. Along with those particular thoughts, I thought of all the vacant lots in the inner city of Kansas City, Kansas, where a high number of minorities live. I told John with all those lots, I don’t understand why our city officials do not try to implore solar and wind energy companies to move some of their operations here and make Kansas City, Kansas, a “green” city. It would bring hundreds upon hundreds of high paying jobs, seeing that with the low cost of living in Kansas City, Kansas other huge corporations may want to move here as well. Then I came to the realization that there are those in power, who wish to keep certain segments of the population impoverished. Who would they get to populate those “for profit” prison they built, if there weren’t any poor people who commit crimes to keep food on their tables? Desperate people do desperate things, no matter what color you are, but people of color always carry the stigma of being hoodlums, where, at times, White people who commit the same kind of crimes, are looked upon as victims of the circumstance they live in, and need counseling. A prime example is opioids versus crack epidemics.

My thoughts then turned to 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Even though Mr. Yang has not received a lot of coverage, he reportedly has mustered enough individual donors to have a seat at the first Democratic Presidential primary debate in June. Mr. Yang is an entrepreneur. In 2012, President Barack Obama awarded Mr. Yang with a Champion of Change award, and in 2015 as Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship. One of Mr. Yang’s 2020 Presidential platforms is Universal Basic Income, which would give American citizens 18 and over. $1000 a month tax-free to spend to help stimulate the economy. For more information on his policies, research for yourself. Do not take my word for it. Google Andrew Yang 2020.

America, we need to wake up and realize our unbridled greed and racism is destroying this country, and our planet. The mango-colored Beelzebub, his sidekick, elected Republicans, and their zombie followers and enablers, it’s all about the paper (money), power, and control. They have no desire to save the United States and Mother Earth from the horrendous effects of climate change. They could care less about how future generations will be affected. Racism, infused with greed, is the god they worship. White folks who stick with Trump, Pence, and the looney tune Republicans no matter what, better recognize that you have nothing in common with him. Your White skin will not save you if you don’t have the money to back them up. Americans, we need to utilize the only power we have against those monsters. By all means, pray if you must, but VOTE.

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