Written by on April 25, 2019

Story by: Chuck Tackett

The following is remarks from my friend Anthony Burnside regarding the quagmire that is Trump/Pence, their enablers, their followers, and Barr regarding the Mueller Report.

“The Barr debacle was staged specifically for those who won’t/can’t read the Mueller Report. They are feeding the sheep.

The funny part is that the criminal liar is panicked (like a bitch) because of all the smart people and real patriots are reading about his ‘exonerations’.

The good news is that the other 20 investigations are going strong thanks to a real Republican patriot (Mueller) as Chris Christie said …’ the Mueller Report is just the beginning…’ The knockout blow will be delivered by the Southern District of New York. It’s coming. Trump knows it and he can’t do a damn thing about it to stop it. Thanks to Mueller for that gift.

It’s sad that the GOP (excluding decent and principled Conservative Republicans) has now unfortunately devolved into the party of hate, crime, lies, treachery, and anti-American values, traitors, and bigotry. They never were the party of rule of law. That was just a slogan for followers to believe in, kind of like new and improved Tide (still the same).

Do not engage a Trump cult member into talking about the report. Very few and I do mean very few of them have read it. If they have read it (fat chance right), ask them what part of the report exonerates him of everything? Keep in mind that ‘collusion’ isn’t a crime. It’s a distraction on their part. (The report clearly states and proves that Russia wanted to help his campaign and the campaign wanted the help therefore collusion.) Mueller was looking for obstruction and found 10 instances of it. Trump orders people to fire or impede the special counsel and they didn’t do it.

But he did engage in the act of obstruction by definition. If you fire a gun at someone and at the last moment a person moves the muzzle away from that person and the shot hits the wall instead, you still intended to commit to shoot or kill or murder, even though you were not successful at it. People go to prison for intent all the time, Intent to distribute drugs, intent to steal or trafficking humans. Get the point? But since Trump didn’t participate in the investigation (was scared to sit with Mueller for an interview and fart tweeted witch-hunt like a bitch) on the questionnaire form using his great memory of all time. He said he couldn’t recall.

Mueller couldn’t legally figure the intent behind his actions (although he committed the acts). So what Barr said about the intentions were BS because Mueller couldn’t determine his intent. How in the hell did Barr determine it? See my point? They want to get away with crime and we won’t let them. Criminals and traitors belong in prison.

So, if they have not read it, then scold them for not reading it and don’t talk with them about it. Simply ignore them or walk away. (damn their feelings) They want to waste your time with BS lies that they heard from another cult member. They will call you or say some derogatory name (libtard, etc..). Let them. They can’t help it.

Don’t waste your time. How can you converse with a person on a subject that they know nothing about and then not having read the material? What they have to spew is worthless. It’s very sad and I urge everyone to read the report and educate yourself. Know that every word that comes out of his or his followers’ mouth about the report and his behavior is a goddam lie!!! “

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  1. Dakota Matthes   On   May 2, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    God I love you, Chuck!! You hit the nail on the head every time! I think Mueller was brilliant and walked a fine line, lawfully. Now it’s up to the rest of us to do our part. You are right, the knock out punch is coming.

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