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For those of you who are longtime regular readers of my weekly articles, several times you may remember me saying in the mid to late 2000s imploring LGBTQs not to think that we arrived with the increase of LGBTQs on the big and small screens. I also tried to beseech some of you to become politically active citing that politics affect every aspect of our lives whether we like it or not. Several times I was met with accusations from some you that I was
a racist, that I was an unhappy person, that I was being dramatic, that I was a know-it-all.

Farmers Insurance Company has a very famous trademark slogan recited by Oscar-winning actor JK Simmons of knowing a little something because of seeing a little something. That same logic applies to me and several of you in different circumstances in our lives. Just so we are clear, don’t get it twisted that I think I can’t learn from younger LGBTQs. One thing they can teach me is operating on some of this new-fangled technology. But what I was trying to do to the LGBTQs back then and even younger LGBTQs now was warning you not to be complacent. The rights we fought for can easily be taken away with the stroke of a pen or folks pulling a lever on a voting machine. I learned these little tidbits of life when I was Executive Vice President for 7 years of my Union, Communication Workers (CWA) Local 6321, and my play grandfather Norman E. Justice. Mr. Justice was my State District Representative in Kansas City, Kansas. He and his wife Katherine were also close friends of my parents. Mr. Justice was also a proud Union man. Some of you made fun of me back then, and I am also aware that some of you make fun of me now. Paraphrasing the great Tina Turner, what I say in my articles, you can take it easy, or you can take it rough. I may not be right all the time, but I am not wrong all the time either. I knew back then especially when President Brack Obama was elected and re-elected, The Republicans and their enabling supporters would get even. I knew with great progress comes great retaliation. We have all seen it with the election of their White Savior and his LGBTQ hating, pseudo-Christian sidekick.

But with dark time comes a ray of light. It never fails. Everyday common people and socially conscious movie/tv actors music artists and sports celebrities who believe in justice step up to the plate and rebels combatting the wickedness. One of these “rays of light” that has recently come to the forefront is actor, model and LGBTQ activist Omar Sharif Jr.

Babyboomers, if the name Omar Sharif sounds familiar, Omar Jr. is the grandson of the late famous 1960’s era Egyptian actor Omar Sharif. He was best known in the United States for his 1962 movie, “Lawrence of Arabia”, in 1965 with “Dr. Zhivago”, and co-starring with LGBTQ ally, actress Barbara Streisand in her 1968 movie “Funny Girl”. That movie was banned in Egypt and several Arab countries because Ms. Streisand is Jewish and Mr. Sharif was Muslim.

Omar Jr. revealed he came out in 2012. His Oscar-nominated grandfather fully supported him. Omar Jr. stated he learned about politics and its effect on everyday life from his grandfather who was a social justice activist. “When I was a little older, he treated me like an adult allowing me to sit at a table full of adults and dignitaries until two in the morning.”

Those early lessons taught Omar Jr very well. Recently the Sultan of Brunei located on the island of Borneo in southeast Asia implemented Sharia law calling for the stoning death of LGBTQ men and women if caught in the act of sexual intimacy. Heterosexuals, the stones are waiting for you and your partner as well if you are caught having sex without the benefit of marriage. So for some of you LGBTQ hating Heterosexuals, your trifling behinds are in the mix as well. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who is Gay spilled the tea on Prince Axim who is one of the Sultan’s sons. Perez outed him and Sharif Jr. seemed to have confirmed the rumor as well. Representatives of the Royal Family of Brunei will neither deny or confirm the allegations concerning Prince Azim.

The Sultan of Brunei has been challenged by Omar Jr. stating from Twitter he will volunteer to be executed if the Sultan will execute his son Prince Azim himself throwing the first and last stones

Prince Azim is known for being photographed frequently with LGBTQ celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner, Gus Kenworthy, and several LGBTQ allies. The Prince is known for throwing lavish parties and drinking copious amounts of alcohol which is also banned under Sharia Law. Prince Azim’s brother Prince Jefri is known as a hedonistic adulterer. I think Omar Jr. should also add his trick ass for the Sultan to stone to death with his own hands as well and not just Prince Azim.

While there are worldwide anger and condemnation of the Sultan enacting this law, the response from Trump has been tepid and milquetoast. I could not find any remarks of condemnation from Pence as well. We all know those two and their enablers are trying to practice their own bleach downed version of Sharia Law here in the United States known as ultra right-wing Christianity. It is time for all lovers of justice and equality to become “rays of light.” You know what it will take.

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