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“I believe very firmly that you can’t lead the people if you don’t love all the people.”
Senator Corey Booker
2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

If you are a Babyboomer, throughout several decades, you have heard various messages and socially conscious music with a common theme.

The theme was about unity. The theme was about love., The theme was about peace. and the theme was about pollution which presently refers to these days as part of our climate change discussions.

I sure would hate to think that those messages and songs were nothing but a pipe dream or the immature ramblings of our youth. I am fearful that to some Baby Boomers and now some of our children: Generation X, as we age, some of us are becoming the “Establishment” we rebelled against in our youth. Power/greed has blinded some of them. It seems they get a perverse pleasure in seeing us beg for them to do the right thing.

I guess when I was young I was naive to think that my generation would end the racism, the greed of some of our closeminded parents/grandparents. I wish I would have known in my youth, it would take more than spoken word messages and songs.

After decades of imploring some people to unite, to treat all as equals, I learned that it takes action to get the job done. I am done wasting my time with them to see the light that marginalized people are bona fide citizens of this country. When it became known that the face of the United States is becoming more browner, millions of Conservative Whites went “yikes” when Barack Obama was elected and re-elected as President.

In 1996, FOX was created. It lied claiming to be fair and balanced. That channel has been nothing but a cheerleader for backward thinking Republicans and their racist/bigoted base. It became worse when the Obamas became America’s First Family. It wasn’t supposed to happen. When President Obama was re-elected and his family was The First Family for another 4 years, I predicted that Evil ass Republicans would punish the United States in some way for re-electing him. FOX discovered White fear of becoming a minority was a huge money maker for them. But the joke was on them. Trump has been every ugly stereotype they thought America’s first Black President would be. President Obama has been living rent-free in the heads of their White Savior and his zombie followers. The mango colored demon and his cowardly ass enablers are trying their best to erase President Obama’s legacy. Barack Obama was the 1st Black President just as Vanessa Williams was the 1st Black Miss America. That historical fact will NEVER change.

I have come to the point that these Trump zombies/enablers want to see this country burn. As my mom used to tell me, “Some people have the mindset if they can’t rule, they will ruin.” These hate filled zombies could care less if they hurt this country. All they know is they will be damned if Whites will be a minority in the United States. Why not? you hookers act like being a minority, you will be treated unfairly. I will not play into their game saying we have a difference of opinion. A difference of opinion is I prefer Rocky Road ice cream while you prefer strawberry ice cream. Proclaiming one human being is more valuable and not deserving of equal rights because of skin color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, etc.. is pure hate mongering nothing less. Aging Babyboomers and Generation X, have some of you forgotten the messages/songs of our youth or were we just immature?

This became crystal clear to me when Rep. Ocasio-Cortez had to read GOP Rep. Sean Duffy formerly of MTV’s “The Real World.” That trick claimed the Green New Deal was elitist. I refuse to deal with Conservatives who have that “Horse Feather” mentality of “Whatever you’re for, I’m against it.” But don’t get it twisted. I will deal with critical thinking reasonable people who may have a difference of opinion. If you are a long time Chuck’s Chat reader, you know that I believe that you can’t learn if you hang out with people who always agree with you. BUT I refuse to deal with people who are willing to compromise if I am the only one compromising. Compromise is not a one-way street. I will not deal with people who see marginalized people as being beneath them. Color my ass immature all that you want. I will always be inspired by socially conscious messages and songs.

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