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From time to time, I feel that Bisexuals have been historically been treated like the ugly stepchild of the LGBTQ+ community. Several times I have heard ignorant, close-minded Gays and Lesbians claim that there is no such thing as Bisexuality. Their hypothesis was, you are either Gay or Straight. People who claim that they are Bisexuals were just in the closet. These “words of wisdom” were pronounced by some Baby Boomers/Generation X Gays and Lesbians. I would like to think that kind of thinking has evolved with the help of our Millennial and Generation Z brethren.

If you are a regular reader of my articles, you know how I think it is very important that we know our LGBTQ+ history. Innumerable Conservative politicians and Trump zombies have made it crystal clear that our populace is not worthy to serve in our armed forces. LGBTQ+ folks have served in the armed forces for decades or as civilians assisted our armed services, despite the peril it put them in. LGBTQ+ folks have shown how patriotic we are, while some Conservatives have shown the opposite, including the mango-colored demon currently residing in the White House. His sidekick, Mr. Clairol, is just as bad, with his fake ass religious persona and LGBTQ+ hating ways. One unsung Bisexual hero and spy in World War 2 against the Nazis was model Toto Koopman.

Toto was a Dutch/Javanese Coco Chanel model who was working in Paris prior to World War 2. During her model work in Paris, Koopman served as a spy for the Allied Resistance against the Nazis. She ended up captured and was a prisoner in one of the concentration camps.

With her stunning, exotic looks and charm, she was in the company of European high society. She befriended and seduced various people that shaped Europe’s wartime culture and political destiny. Toto was openly Bisexual. In polite company, she was described as “free-spirited.” Koopman palled around with media moguls and ambassadors’ wives. She was known to have bedded several Hollywood actresses and war heroes alike. Despite her popularity, it was never forgotten that she was Biracial because of her mom being from Java with Chinese heritage.

All during her modeling days, the vipers she hung out with, behind her back, saw her as scandalous and immoral. Toto was known to have had a Black female lover in America. Despite all of this mayhem and foolishness, Toto was one of the first models to grace the cover of Vogue in its early days. Toto’s only sibling, a brother named Ody was a very successful and popular pro tennis player. I’m sure that more than helped her being accepted in European high society.

Toto served as a spy for the Allied Resistance putting her life in danger. She eventually was captured and survived being put in a concentration camp where she spent several months. A former boyfriend Randolph Churchill helped Toto get released. Koopman was emaciated and her head was shaven. She only had one meal a day, a piece of bread and a cup of soup. While recuperating in Switzerland, Toto met art dealer Eric Bausen and embarked on a new career. Eric and she fell in love and helped established The Hannover Gallery, one of the most influential art galleries in Europe. Toto and Eric remained together until her death in August of 1991.

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