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Story by Chuck Tackett

If you are a regular reader of my column, you know I am a huge fan of LGBT+ Kansas City’s podcast “Just My Opinion” with their hosts MT Baby and Spiritual Studd. I try my best to keep up with their monthly episodes. I even at times, put their episodes on my Facebook cover page so more folks can be aware. “Just My Opinion” has their own cover page so if there are any episodes you might have missed, you can listen to them there.

One of the things I recently learned from “Just My Opinion” is the fairly new web television talk show Red Table Talk.” It stars Jada Pinkett Smith actress/musician, Willow Smith, Jada and Will Smith’s daughter whose an actress, dancer, and singer whose best known for her break out hit single “Whip My Hair”, and Adrienne Banfield -Norris who is Jada’s mother and Willow’s grandmother.

“Red Table Talk” premiered on Facebook Watch on May 7, 2018. Facebook announced on June 13, 2018, that it ordered an additional 13 episodes. These new episodes premiered on October 22, 2018.

The presupposition of “Red Table Talk” is showcasing opinions and experiences of 3 different generations of Black women.

According to ESSENCE’s West Coast Editor Regina R Robertson, when the idea of “Red Table Talk” came to Jada Pinkett Smith, she meant for it to be a one-time thing. That was 7 years ago. Last spring her idea was reignited with the first episode of “Red Table Talk” that included her outspoken husband, actor Will Smith.

As Adrienne, Jada, and Willow anticipated on their next episodes, ESSENCE decided to have a conversation with each of these women about having bold, brave, and candid conversations.

Jada known as “The Maverick” stated. “The whole purpose of the “Table” is to have more understanding, and with more understanding comes more freedom.”

Adrienne and Willow were interviewed as well. To see what their comments were, you will have to pick up the March issue of ESSENCE which is on newsstands now.

Many folks feel that the “Red Table Talk” series is filling a void that was left behind by Oprah Winfrey when her show went off the air in 2011 after 24 seasons.

I agree with ESSENCE’s Regina R. Robertson what she said about “Red Table Talk” that “Talk is Chic.” and that Adrienne, Jada, and Willow has reinvented the “talk show” genre.

It’s amazing what a person can learn if they step out of their bubble. Thanks again to MT Baby and Spiritual Studd of “Just My Opinion” for making me aware of “Red Table Talk.” “Just My Opinion” has its own Facebook page. You can also go to the and they have a link to “Just My Opinion.”

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