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Story by: Chuck Tackett

The other day I was binge-watching the British TV show on Netflix called, “Bodyguard,” which stars Scottish actor Richard Madden. I was told that Madden is best known for his role as Rob Stark in “Game of Thrones.” I don’t watch “Game of Thrones,” so I had never heard of him.

While watching this excellent TV series, I had to laugh to myself. There were a number of Black, Middle Eastern, and Asian characters on this show based in London. Not long ago, I had the television on for noise but I was not watching it. This London resident had commented, “Europe is not looking like Europe anymore.” I laughed out loud and thought to myself, “Trick, the chickens are coming home to roost. Your country is notorious for invading other countries and changing their way of life, mostly in the name of spreading religion. But we all know you were there to steal its resources and tame the ‘savages.’ Now you have the audacity to complain when those same people come over to your country, reside, and integrate into your ‘civilized’ country.”

With my arm healing from my January 4th surgery, I have had a lot of time to do some critical thinking while I am recuperating.

Just as they did in Britain, Russia used America’s never-ending racism and bigotry against us. This kind of quagmire happens when a country refuses to deal and or acknowledge that weakness within its populace.

Don’t get it twisted. Trump did not cause the USA’s problem with people of color and LGBTQ. Disdain for POC has been in America’s DNA since Europe invaded this country and slaughtered the Indigenous people already living here, referring to them as “savages.” Trump, along with his comrades in Russia, took advantage of this weakness in the USA and bought it out of the closet.

Vice President Joe Biden was so on the money when he recently stated that White America needs to acknowledge that systematic racism exists, and many White people let it go on unnoticed.

Last year, when I volunteered on Brent Welder’s campaign to be the Democratic nominee in the 2018 Midterms to try to unseat Republican Congressman Kevin Yoder, talking to various people on the phone, most were wanting to know what was Mr. Welder’s stances on various issues. Even folks who said they were Republican asked. In August, Brent lost his nomination to Sharice Davids. I immediately signed up to volunteer for Ms. Davids. Well hello, lights! I was met with hostility from Conservatives who were not concerned on where Sharice stood on issues. They attacked her on a personal level about being Native American and being an open Lesbian. Some even said she needed to go back to the reservation because she didn’t have Kansas values. Thankfully, Kansas had a lot more wonderful people than the monsters I dealt with at times on the phone. In November 2018, Sharice Davids won her election and unseated incumbent Rep. Kevin Yoder. She is now truly representing us ALL in Kansas’s 3rd district in Washington DC.

When it comes to LGBTQ+ folks, the United States has had a dysfunctional relationship with this marginalized group, along with POC. It seems in this age of social media, suicides among LGBTQ+ people have risen. I believe it is the negative laws, and attitudes of the bigots that treat them as “less than,” and not valued as equal human beings. Bigots are usually also racists as well. One of the latest is that ‘the demon” residing in the White House. Out of spite for President Obama, he is trying to enact the ban on Transgender people to be able to serve in the military. You know his partner in crime Pence (aka, Mr. Clairol), had something to do with this, with his fake ass ratchet “Christian” ass.

The USA’s toxic bile against people of color, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized groups have become so venomous, that some POCs and marginalized groups have turned on each other.

Now, Conservatives are trying to play the victim, and asking for civility from people of color and marginalized groups, while they still continue to treat us as less than, and not as equal citizens of this country. They demonize Non-White immigrants trying to seek asylum while ignoring the thousands of White immigrants, who are here illegally overstaying on their visas. Hell no to you wanting civility. You continue to ignore the Declaration of Independence that says “ALL men are created equal.” Your actions continue to tell us that you believe America is for Conservative Hetero White “Christians” only, that we are here only to serve you.

As long as you make it crystal clear to us that we are not welcome in this country, as long as we are not treated as equals, as long as you continue to enact laws to show us you think you are superior to us, then bitches, everything will NOT be Zen.

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