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Story by: Chuck Tackett

“One of the things you did was take it out of it being a women’s issue and making it a people’s issue.”

Whoopi Goldberg — actress, activist, comic


On October 10th, 2017, in the wake of several Hollywood actresses going public about stories of sexual harassment and assault by film producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Terry Crews revealed that a Hollywood executive groped him at a party in 2016 in front of his wife.

When asked why he didn’t punch the guy out, Mr. Crews responded it was fear of retaliation, the headlines that would come out for example, “240 lbs Black Man Stomps Out Hollywood Honcho.” and being arrested or jailed.

The “Hollywood Honcho” who felt Terry Crews up was Adam Venit who was the Head of The Motion Picture Department of the talent company, “William Morris Endeavors” (WME).

After Terry Crews reported the incident to WME the very next day, the talent company did a month-long investigation. They concluded it was an isolated incident. Venit was suspended for a month, returned to work and demoted. Crews filed a lawsuit against WME and Venit, claiming Venit was getting a pass for the incident.

In March 2018, prosecutors decided not to file any charges against Venit. The City Attorney’s Office claimed that the statute of limitations for them to prosecute had expired.

In January 2019, Mr. Crews appeared on the daytime TV show “The View.” He revealed how he was treated less than human when he reported the incident to management the very next day after the incident occurred in 2016.

All the while Terry Crews was talking, I kept wondering to myself, he is a member of SAG (The Actors’ Union). Why would he meet with top management by himself? WME management surely would not have talked to Mr. Crews the way he said they did if there was a union steward or officer present in the meeting.

In the meantime, Crews’ show, “Brooklyn 99,” has been picked up by another network. IN his spare time, Terry Crews is an advocate for women’s rights and an activist fighting sexism.

Mr. Crews spoke in front of Congress last year addressing these issues along with toxic masculinity and its effect on society.

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