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Newsbeat reporter Michael Baggs wrote an interesting article that we thought we would share. All rights go to BBC News. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame You might have missed it, but Marvel introduced their first LGBT character in Avengers: Endgame. Read Full Article

The 60-year-old pop icon turned heads as she walked to her table at the Hilton Midtown on Saturday night, before taking the stage to celebrate her three decades of advocacy work in the LGBTQ community. “Why have I always fought for change? That’s a hard question to answer. It’s like trying to explain the importance […]

An LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in the Rocklin School District, near Sacramento, is riling parents, resulting in 700 children being pulled from classes last Friday. The issue is new lessons that include the accomplishments of LGBTQ Americans, reports Sacramento Fox affiliate KXTV. Many parents say they’re not opposed to the inclusive lessons but to giving them to […]

The Trump administration’s move to allow medical practitioners to refuse to provide services based on their religious objections, of course, has consequences for LGBTQ people, cis women’s reproductive health, and potentially even cis straight men, but those consequences increase to incalculable levels once you move away from urban areas. As it already stands, residents in […]

Story by Chuck Tackett “This is a story about control. My control, control of what I say, control of what I do, and this time, I’m going to do it my way.” “Control” Janet Jackson This article is dedicated to some of the artists I know that educates, entertains through their various talents promoting critical […]

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April 27, 2019

Come out and support the 2019 Aids Walk Together, we’re able to provide medical help, education, housing and care to those battling HIV and AIDS. Through education, we will create an AIDS-free generation. For the 31st time, let’s walk together to fight AIDS. The 31st annual AIDS WALK Kansas City will be held on Saturday, April […]

Story by: Chuck Tackett The following is remarks from my friend Anthony Burnside regarding the quagmire that is Trump/Pence, their enablers, their followers, and Barr regarding the Mueller Report. “The Barr debacle was staged specifically for those who won’t/can’t read the Mueller Report. They are feeding the sheep. The funny part is that the criminal […]

Story By Chuck Tackett – RAYS OF LIGHT IN DISMAL TIMES For those of you who are longtime regular readers of my weekly articles, several times you may remember me saying in the mid to late 2000s imploring LGBTQs not to think that we arrived with the increase of LGBTQs on the big and small […]

An Oak Creek couple on March 25 was told to remove their gay pride flag from outside their apartment by the property owner — a request that was later rescinded. However, the couple on April 3 found the flag pulled down by someone else. Merle Malterer and Kevin Kollmann live in the Country Oaks Apartments, […]


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