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A new survey shows that although widely considered to be the most accepting of generations, the LGBT movement is falling out of favor with millennials and younger Americans. According to The Accelerating Acceptance report, conducted by The Harris Poll for the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD, survey respondents who were in the 18–34 age bracket reported […]

Lady Gaga said she would take a bullet for the LGBT community during a rally in New York City commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. “True love — true, true love — is when you would take a bullet for someone,” she said during her speech. “And you know that I would take […]

The date of June 26 is remembered with reverence in the LGBT community because it marks the anniversary of a trio of major LGBT rights decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court, including the 2015 ruling for marriage equality nationwide. This year, the date marks the fourth anniversary of the Obergefell decision, the sixth anniversary of […]

Hong Kong’s top court ruled on Thursday that a gay civil servant and his husband were entitled to spousal benefits and a joint tax return, the latest example of an Asian government expanding rights for same-sex couples. The ruling by the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal found that the authorities had failed to justify […]

“I need to wake up. I need to change. I need to shake up. I need to speak out. Something’s got to break up. I’ve been asleep, and I need to wake up. NOW.” “I Need To Wake Up.” Melissa Etheridge Singer Several times this year, I had to make trips to the doctors’ offices, […]

“I believe very firmly that you can’t lead the people if you don’t love all the people.” Senator Corey Booker 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate If you are a Babyboomer, throughout several decades, you have heard various messages and socially conscious music with a common theme. The theme was about unity. The theme was about love., […]

The state Senate could soon vote on a measure that would require K-12 public schools in Illinois to teach LGBT history. State Rep. Anna Moeller, D-Elgin, got House Bill 246 passed Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 with just enough votes 60-42. The measure would require textbooks “include the roles and contributions of all people protected under […]

March 14, 2019

Taylor Swift doesn’t talk about politics much, but she sure does seem to support the LGBT community in more ways than one. This past year in her hometown of Tennessee Taylor posted on her Instagram account that ” in the midterm elections she would cast her vote based on the candidate that will protect and […]

Story By Chuck Tackett ANDREW YANG 2020: HUMANITY FIRST With the field of 2020 Presidential candidates expanding, there is a concern on how one will set themselves apart from the rest and really grab our attention. Another one of these candidates is Andrew Yang. As I said in my article a couple of weeks ago […]

Story by Chuck Tackett LONGTIME LGBT+ ALLY JULIAN CASTRO RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT 2020 is not that far off. Various Democrats are emerging with formal announcements of their intent of vying to be the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee. My brother, John, and I have had several conversations on who we think might win the Democratic Primary. […]


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