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“This is probably, THE most pro-active administration we have in urban America & the faith-based communities in my lifetime, and I will be 60 years old in December To be honest, this is going to be the most pro-Black President that we had in our lifetime.”
Pastor Darrell Scott
Donald Trump’s favorite Black Pastor

NEGRO PLEASE!! Your words of wisdom (laughing) concerning your ‘mastah’ seems a wee bit off key considering YOUR President’s verbal attacks on Lebron James, CNN”S news anchor Don Lemon, & Rep. Maxine Waters.

Recently, dozens of high profile Black pastor have written a scathing open letter to their Trump loving colleagues calling them “cheerleaders with a collar.” according to MNBC’s news anchor Joy Ried on Saturday, August 6th when she reported the story.

They wrote in part, “It was unsettling to witness the meeting with you our moral leaders and one of the most amoral persons ever to occupy the White House.”

One of the signators of that letter was Rev. Traci Blackmon. Rev. Blackmon is the Executive Minister of The United Church of God in Christ, Justice & Local Church Ministries.

Before Joy Ried interviewed her, she read some more]from that letter, It stated, “it was errantly exclaimed that this is going to be the most pro-Black President that we had in our lifetime. Were the fumes from that intoxicating toxin that strong? Was he being pro-Black while building his political platform as the #1 purveyor of birtherism which was fueled by racism? Was he being pro-Black when he equivocated during the White Supremacy march and violence in Charlottesville that left one person dead and more than a dozen injuries, declaring they were very fine people on both sides?”

If Rev. Blackmon looks familiar, she was on the air reporting on AM Joy live during that rally. When violence ensued, she was rushed off in the middle of reporting that violence was at hand.

When asked what she thought all those Black ministers who went to the White House singing the praises of Trump, she responded. ” I signed that letter as a pastor and as an independent person, not speaking on behalf of the denomination, but speaking from my spirit and my soul Dr. Maya Angelou reminds us in her words when people show you who they are, you should believe them the first time.

Our current President has shown us who he is in terms of people of color long before he entered the Oval Office. In 1973 at the age of 26, Mr. Trump was the President of the Trump organization. He defended the racial discriminatory housing practices of his father that was designed to keep Black tenants from renting apartments from Trump Properties.

In 1989, after 5 Black/Latino teenagers from Harlem were arrested and accused of assaulting a White woman in Central Park, Mr. Trump used $85,000 of his own money to lodge an attack on these boys who were ultimately found innocent with DNA and TO THIS DAY. he has NEVER apologized or descended his remarks on those young men.

For 5 years, the man who became the 45th President of the United States used his fame and fortune to launch a vicious attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the nation’s 1st Black President., President Barack Obama by willfully and knowingly propagating a lie about his citizenship. He was forced during his campaign to finally admit he knew all along that Barack Hussein Obama was indeed a citizen and that there was no issue.of his birth certificate, but he’s yet to apologize.

Mr. Trump’s choice for Attorney General for the United States is a man who opposes The Voting Rights Act, and that whose Senate denied a Federal judge because of his racism.

Mr. Trump is a man who refers to Mexicans as rapists, enforced tighter bans on Muslims to entering this country, continues to calls for the building of a wall only on the southern border of the United States and he referred to entire African countries in profane language that I won’t even repeat here.

This President has refused to denounce the racist anti-American actions of the recent resurgence of White nationalists, and you saw that in Charlottesville. He claimed that there were very fine people on both sides.

If these Black pastors want to represent themselves as individuals so be it, but don’t give the impression that they are speaking for The Black Church. Black people are not monolithic. When we say the Black Church, we are talking about the Church that was formed in spite of a religion that was given to us for subjugation and evolved it as a Church for our liberation.”

These Black clergy including Martin Luther King Jr’s niece Rev. Altavista King who want to embrace and kiss Trump’s mango-colored behind is suffering from assimilation poisoning and trying to prove to their ‘mastah’ that they are not like those other kinds of Black folks that make racist White folks shake with fear and hatred.

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