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Story by: Chuck Tackett

” Blocking is my best friend.”

 – Leslie Jones    comedian/actress

Recently, I found out that my favorite comic, Leslie Jones, was being interviewed on “The Van Jones Show” on CNN. I was ecstatic. This, I felt, was going to be an evening that should be titled, “Attack of The Joneses.” I can assure you that it didn’t disappoint. It was exciting for me to see Leslie as her usual funny self, but also see her talk about serious situations. Some of her major remarks were as followed:

Ms, Jones started out. “You know what. I did my best to bring as much joy as possible this year through the Olympics, through my show, ’cause you know we need it.

“You know I think we stopped knowing how to have joy anymore. I think we have restricted on what we used to call joy. People say that it started with Trump, but I think it kind of started before. We walk around a little bit too offended. Let me put it this way. I’m 6 feet tall. I have size 12 feet. If I get upset every time someone said I have big feet, I wouldn’t live. They say it every day.

“It’s amazing how many questions I get about handling the internet stuff. I get how it upsets you, but it can’t stop my life. They are behind a computer. Like if they were in front of me with a knife, that would be a different situation. But we are talking about someone in a basement behind a keyboard that I know I could beat up. I am not scared of them. There is nothing you can call me that I haven’t been called before. I don’t understand how you would want to live in anguish than happiness. I don’t let stuff affect me, I affect stuff.”

When Van asked her about the remarks she made about there being too much political comedy, Leslie explained. “When I started comedy in 1986, my biggest goal was that I wanted to be funny. I saw all those people laughing and I wanted to do that. As a comic, that is your central thing. That is what’s important to me. I am speaking for me. I understand we have to have satire comics. I will say it like this, we need The 3 Stooges & Tom and Jerry as much as we need Dennis Miller. Everybody doesn’t laugh at the same thing. My problem is, stop telling people what they are supposed to laugh at. I have joy and energy to give people that they need. Like I said on ‘The View’, people walk around offended, and not letting comedians do their job. You all are so unhappy because you are not laughing.

“Every time a comedian comes out and do a Trump joke, that doesn’t make you happy. When was the last time y’all had a belly laugh? That’s what I do. We care more about each other than what you think. We are too damn offended. All of us has a chip on our shoulder. Knock it off. This country has to get rid of it, for it to heal. You guys, I’m so serious. We are going to have to look at each other. We have to be nice to each other. Stop thinking you are going to make it in this world without someone else. That is how we all are going to heal this stuff. I get it. Trump is truly awful. This country is way more than the President.”

At the end of the interview, Van asked Leslie about internet bullying. The major things that stood out for me were when Ms. Jones responded, “I will tell you from the very beginning. There were a bunch of people with evil as their goal. It wasn’t like they were joining together to say some nice things to me. They were joining together to be evil and that is what upset me. I don’t let what they say about me, let it live here.” (pointing to her head) “I know who I am, and I know who they are. Please know that it is evil and block it. Block the evil. I used to respond, but that is what they want you to do. They want the attention. Let me tell you, blocking is my best friend. I don’t even answer people anymore. Block them from your brain. This is evil. This is another entity. Don’t let it in your life.”

Leslie put a shout out to her fellow castmate Kenan Thompson. She revealed something I didn’t know. Ms. Jones said Keenon has been acting since he was eight years old. He is just now getting an Emmy nomination. She revealed that she and Keenon are working behind the scenes on SNL to pay it forward for future comics of color.

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