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Story by: Chuck Tackett


The following article is from “The Root” columnist and world-renowned wypipologist Mr. Michael Harriott. I admired this article so much; I wanted to share with all of you regardless of your political party affiliation. They say, “The truth shall set you free.” Well, let’s see if some of you are willing to face some hard truths or not.

“As democracy is preferred, the office represents, more and more closely the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and a downright moron will adorn the White House.” – H.L. Mencken, July 26th, 1920 American journalist, satirist, and cultural critic

Michael Harriott wrote, “Before voicing their exasperation over the Trump/Putin/Pence administration, all the White Liberals, the people at the helm of the Resistance Movement, will adjust their pink pussy hats and their safety pin – adorned “RESIST” shits and explained why and how Donald Trump is not fit to represent their beloved country.

In their attempt to convince the world of his lack of qualifications, they conveniently forget that this misogynist, this lie-spewing, racism-filled, narcissist is the perfect person to represent America.

Never before has one person so perfectly embodied the qualities of this nation.

If one were to create a sentient being out of America’s past and present, it would look like Donald Trump. It would hate everyone who is not White. It would believe itself to be an infallible “stable genius.” It would hide secrets. It would whitewash its past. It would lie incessantly. It would rip Brown babies from their mothers’ arms. It would criminalize Muslims. It would mirror the intellect and the vast majority of people who fill this country from sea to shining sea.

Donald Trump is America.

Donald Trump is a rich, powerful man who has convinced the world that his empire was earned through hard work, not a sordid past that includes, but not limited to, taking advantage of his privilege. He made his fortune like America made its fortune: taking land, profiting off financial malfeasance, since conning the masses, and refusing to pay Black and Brown people for their work.

He has become the world’s most powerful man in the world’s most powerful country through a system that rewards White men for being White men. He has no particular intelligence or expertise, yet he has convinced his poor Caucasian co-conspirators that the only way they can succeed is by placing their foot on the necks of the people who do not look like them. The Brown people. The Black people. The Non-Christians.

Isn’t that the most American idea of them all?

And like America, most people are willing to ignore his racism for the sake of self-preservation. Most Trump voters will not admit they cast their ballots for an unapologetic bigot just like many Americans will not acknowledge that the Civil War had anything to do with slavery.

Republicans will overlook the inherent evil of his immigration policy just like the country, lynching, Jim Crow, segregation, and the evil that remains in every sector of society. They have forgotten how Trump excused a White Supremacist murder in Charlottesville, Virginia, just like America excuses White supremacy as an institutional reality.

And he lies… as America lies.

Despite what the numbers say, his inauguration was the most significant inauguration in the history of inaugurations. He passed more legislation than any other President ever. He won the electoral college by a record amount. Truth is damned, facts no longer matter.

And according to Trump, America is the greatest country on earth, despite what the numbers say. We are a beacon of freedom and liberty even though we rank FIRST IN THE WORLD’S PRISON POPULATION. We are the smartest nation in the world, despite ranking 14TH IN EDUCATION AND 2ND IN IGNORANCE. We believe in equality and tolerance, despite ranking #1 on the list of the most RACIST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

See? I told you we’re #1.

Trump promised he would fix our health care system, like America, has been telling us for decades, but he made it worse. He preaches prosperity for the middle class, but his policies benefit the wealthy. He promises peace but starts petty conflicts around the world.

Like America, he elevates White mediocrity. He puts an unqualified doit (Betsy DeVos) who has never attended, studied, or worked in public schools, in charge of America’s public schools. He placed Jeff Sessions, known for supporting injustice, in charge of the Department of Justice. Rick Perry, Trump’s Secretary of Energy, became famous after stating his DESIRE TO ELIMINATE THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY.

America’s love affair with celebrity and disregard for substance made Kim Kardashian a freedom fighter, Kanye the most quoted expert on slavery, and Donald Trump, the leader of the free world.

And just like this country has done since its inception, America is all too willing to remain blind to his transgressions, even with definitive proof. This country is ready to watch Trump and his minions of secondhand liars – Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, Kirtsjen Neilsen – tell boldface lies to the American people without penalty.

We watch with definitive proof of his cronies’ cold-hearted bullshit captured on video the same way we view the cold-blooded police murder Black boys and girls. Yet we are told that we must respect them. We are supposed to remain civil toward them after they have demonstrated they don’t give a fuck about us.

And that is America.

Like this country, Donald Trump is a mirage. His greatness is a figment of a collective White imagination that envisions a bright shining star where there is only a dumpster fire.

He is a first-rate con artist. He is a counterfeit, autocratic, dullard, impersonating a Commander-in-Chief.

He is every White foot that has been placed on a Black neck. He is hate personified, and incompetence exemplified. He is an imbecile farce of a White man convinced of his own supremacy.

Yet he remains.

Like “racial resentment.” Like the electoral college. Like the two-party system. Like the 53%. Like White supremacy and Black oppression. Like Hate. Like injustice. Like apathy. Like rage. Like us.

Like the masses’ unrelenting adoration for this beloved, blessed, once-great-thing called America.”

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