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Story by: Chuck Tackett


Waking up Tuesday morning, June 26th, I was stunned to see what a dark, dismal rainy, morning it was. I hadn’t heard the weather forecast. I was planning on sleeping late before I make my weekly trek to my chiropractor, but the raucous sound of thunder made my plan mute.

After taking a long hot shower and getting dressed, it was getting close to 11:00 am, so I decided to turn on ‘The View’ to see who the ladies had on.

Subsequent to enduring Meghan McCain’s Republican victim playing, I was rewarded with a look that Whoopi Goldberg gave her of, “Don’t test me, heifer,” after McCain rudely kept interrupting Whoopi. I’m sure Whoopi after the show had to put Ms. Thang’s trifling behind in check backstage. (laughing)

Time prevented me from hearing from author Jon Meachum on his new book, “The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels.” Actress Jessica Chastain was the first guest who was talking about her new movie, “Woman Walks Ahead,” that’s coming out on DVD, June 27th, and ‘On Demand’ on cable June 28th.

I’m glad I did. Ms. Chastain explained that the movie was a little known true story of Catherine Weldon, a Brooklyn, New York Widow in the late 1800’s who, along with her son, moved to the Standing Rock Reservation in Dakota territory to assist Sioux Chief Sitting Bull to keep the land for his people. Weldon had written letters to the Federal Government on Sitting Bull’s behalf while living on the land for several years. A little known true HER-story that has been conveniently left out in history books.

What caught my attention was that Ms. Chastain announced that actor Michael Greyeyes would be playing Sitting Bull in the movie. That little fact really cemented the deal for me to watch the film ‘On Demand’ when it came out. Even if Mr. Greyeyes wasn’t in the movie, I had planned on watching it. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Greyeyes, he starred in Season 3 of “Fear The Walking Dead.” I had never heard of him before, but I became a fan from that. Afterward, ‘The View’ went on a commercial break.

After the commercial break, imagine my surprise when it was announced that Michael Greyeyes had joined the ladies at the table.

When asked about his thoughts on what was happening presently at the U.S./Mexico border, Mr. Greyeyes remarked. “When I started to see the images coming from the border of children torn from their families, I was enraged. In my history, our communities were gutted. Children were taken from us. When people say, ‘Well is this America?’ I think it’s an America all too familiar to people from marginalized communities.”

Michael was then asked about the location of where the movie was filmed. “In the Dakotas,” Mr. Greyeyes replied. “It was extraordinary. Every day, we would come to work and see the headlines. We knew they were protesting. The Water Protectors were just north of us fighting an age-old battle. They wanted OUR land. They wanted to mine it. They had to clear the land through violence. We were reminded that this film we were doing, happened over 100 years ago, and we are telling the same story. It remains relevant in the world we live in today.”

After listening to Mr. Greyeyes remarks, I just thought of the hex of Ceile in the movie “The Color Purple.” Trump loving Conservatives love to play selective amnesia about REAL American history of the past, and the mayhem and foolishness their dime-store Mussolini is heaping on marginalized peoples of today. I think of the hex of Ceile when Trump loving Conservatives believe there won’t be any consequences to what their Bully-in-Chief is doing. They have this false notion Trump loves them because they think they have the protection of the complexion. Marginalized groups and Progressive minded people want to move forward into the future. Trump Deplorable, you can’t ask for civility, while at the same time standing on the necks of others, and then sob you are being discriminated against. Stalin’s Butt Boy will turn on you as well. He has a record that you are ignoring with your selective amnesia.


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